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Issue No.060 April 27, 2009

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Summer Bible Study Camps

        This summer is very special for many Christians in India. Number of short term Bible study camps is being conducted in different parts of the country. Instead of going for a normal vacation they chose to study the word of God seriously and systematically.

        In Mumbai, Borivli Christian Assembly conducted week long residential programme called ABC for Teens. Sharon Assembly Nallassopara also arranged similar classes in Marathi language. Christian Assembly Vapi, Gujarat conducted one month Bible Teaching. In Alwar NIBI and in Jamtara BBTI, special summer classes are going on in Hindi language. Such study series, apart from the regular classes in Bible School or assembly are growing. It is so encouraging to notice that the Lord‘s people have a burden to pass on the Bible Truths to the new generation.

        Definitely, it is the responsibility of the local church to train up believers in Spiritual edification and practice. However, because of various reasons we see that is not done effectively. Quite often we notice that only few could attend the weekly Bible classes of the local church. Many have legitimate reasons to be absent; like long hours of work, hardship in commuting or burden of studies for the students etc. Thus ignoring this important area of spiritual exercise, believers particularly the new generation grow up with little spiritual knowledge or strength. They are not able to answer the critics. They do not know how to face the challenges of the world affecting their spiritual life.

        Moses reminded the people of Israel, “And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children…” Deut.6:6, 7. In the New Testament Paul instructs Timothy; “And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” 2Tim.2:2 Repeatedly Paul tells Timothy to study the scripture and teach it. Cf. 1Tim. 4:6, 11, 13; 2Tim.2:15. Not only had he told Timothy to teach, one of the main methods Paul used to communicate the gospel truth was also teaching. He used to conduct series of classes to explain the gospel. Cf. Acts. 17:2; 19:9.

        Major revivals were initiated as a result of clear and systematic teaching of the word of God. Revivals during the time of Jehoshaphat (2Chroni.17:9) and Ezra were the result of teaching. Jehoshaphat sent Levites all over Judah to teach the law of the Lord. Ezra and the companions read the scripture and explained the meaning to the people of Israel. Neh.8:5—8. As a result of understanding the law of the Lord clearly we see renewal taking place. There was repentance, godly sorrow and the joy of the Lord. Neh.8:9, 15, 17. 9:3 etc.

        History also testifies that the basic cause for many awaking in various lands was systematic study of the word of God. God alone knows the full impact of the study of the book of Romans in different parts of the world.

        Let us prayerfully put all our effort to teach the word of God to the new generation. Let us make use of the God given opportunity and gifts to learn the scripture. It is a good practice to separate few days occasionally to sit with the word of God to understand the text as the Lord revealed to the authors in its context. The result will be enormous. Not only we will grow in the Lord and become bold and confident, we will be able to answer those who ask about our faith and teach others as well. 2Timothy.2:2

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Out line:-

The word of God

  1. Divinely Inspired. 2Timo.3:16; 2Pet.1:21
  2. Absolutely trust worthy. Ezek.12:25; Matt.5:18
  3. Mighty in it’s influence. Jer.5:14; 23:19; Ezek.37:7; Rom.1:16; Eph.6:17, Heb.4:12
  4. Written with a purpose. Jn.20:31; 1Cori.10:11; 1John.5:13
  5. The standard of faith and duty. Pro.25:18; Isa.8:20; John. 12:48; 1Thess.2:13.
  6. Food for the soul. Dt.8:3; Jer.15:16; 1Pet.2:2
  7. A light in darkness. Psa.19:8; 119:105; 2Pet.1:13
  8. Loved by the saints. Psa.119:47, 72, 82, 97, 140.
  9. A blessing to those who reverence it. Josh.1:8; Rev.1:3
  10. Ignorance, perilous. Matt.12:3; 19:4; 22:29

Anecdote: -

Eat up the Ashes

    A smart sales man reached a village to sell vacuum cleaner. After narrating the special feature of his product to a lady, he wanted to do a demonstration. He asked for a carpet and told the lady to pour some ashes on it. He claimed that with in seconds his vacuum cleaner will suck up the entire ashes from the carpet. He even claimed that in case it fails, he will eat the ashes from the carpet! With full confidence he did switch on the vacuum cleaner, alas it did not work!

        The lady said, “You eat up, there is no electricity”! (2Timothy.3:16, 17)

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Atheistic Advertising Campaign

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‘Monster Dads'

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Worthy Quotes:-

Bible Reading

“Next to praying there is nothing so important in practical religion as Bible-reading”.
________________J. C. Ryle
“ The vigour of our spiritual life will be in exact proportion to the place held by the Bible in our life and thoughts.”
__________________George Muller
“Back to the Bible or back to the jungle”.
_________________Luis Palau
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