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In this issue:-

“Sin No More” John 5:14

Our Lord’s response to the helpless man at the pool of Bethesda is something that will always comfort and strengthen all who feel lonely and needy. How terrible was his situation, suffering for 38 long years but still waiting for help.

“I have no one”

“I have no one” is the cry of many even today; but praise be to God, our Lord knows our true state and graciously comes forward to help and transform our life. Hence there is no need to feel rejected and deserted. Able men may abandon us, dear ones may depart from us, nevertheless, it is in such conditions that we experience the presence of God Almighty much more intimately.
       Apostle Paul writes from experience, “At my first defense no one stood with me, but all forsook me……. But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me…” (2Timothy 4: 16, 17a). The book of Acts reveals the special interventions of Christ when Paul was facing difficult circumstances. That r
       However, the Lord’s warning to the man in John chapter 5 later at the temple is thought-provoking, “See, you are well! Sin no more, that nothing worse may happen to you.” (John 5:14).
The admonition, “Sin no more” reveals at least three realities..... >>>More

Out line:-

The Power of Satan

  1. Satan’s Seat, Reve 2:13
        - His Political Power, John 12:31
  2. Satan’s Depths, Reve 2:24
        - His Deceptive Wiles, Reve 20: 3 -10
  3. Satan’s Synagogue, Reve 3:9
        - His Religious Devices, 2Cor 4:4

In the first he appears as a Roaring Lion. (1Peter 5:8)
In the second as a Subtle Serpent. (2Cor 10:3)
In the third as an Angel of Light. (2Cor 10:14)

Anecdote: -

The Path of Sin

In August of 2012, holidaymakers at a beach in Italy were shocked when a car pulled up next to a man who had just left the water and shot him at least seven times. The man was Gaetano Marino, leader of the Camorra crime family. He was known as “Stumpy” because his hands had been blown off nearly twenty years previous when a bomb he was attempting to set for someone else went off prematurely.
       Police said they believed the killing was part of a struggle for control of the cocaine business between rival mob factions. Marino was part of a “family business” that placed him on the path that resulted in his death.
       The law of sowing and reaping has not been repealed. When we set out on a course of action, there are consequences that we can and should anticipate (both good and bad) that ought to play a large role in our choices.

— Source: International Business Times

Meditation: -

What is True Biblical Revival?

By George Sturm, Albania

“Then Hilkiah the high priest said . . . "I have found the Book of the Law in the house of the LORD." . . . Now it happened, when the king heard the words of the Book of the Law, that he tore his clothes.” (2King 22:8-11)

Revival is the talk of the town today. Many are praying for a revival, and some say revival is already happening. Some others claim to have attended a revival. But, if a true revival would manifest itself today, what should we expect?
    For some, revival is simply an increase in numbers or arousal of emotions. While these could be considered good signs, true revival is a return to Bible standards, to Biblical practices, to the spirit of New Testament Christianity, and even to the Lord Himself.

Word vs. Worldliness

Unfortunately, in many circles, obedience to the Bible is viewed as legalism and about as unnecessary as obedience to the Book of Mormon or the Koran. Conformity to the world has fallen to alarming levels - divorce is as common in the Church as it is in the world, lukewarmness abounds, commitment to social media far exceeds commitment to the local church, the epidemic of scarring one’s body with tattoos, confusion over the Biblical roles for men and women, the acceptance of the woke and homosexual agendas – need I go on? Of course, there are exceptions to this dismal state of things, but I am speaking of things that cannot be .....More

Exhortation: -

The Truth about Sin

By Joy Murickal Issac, Kerala

Sin - The word we seldom hear in the secular world. Now-a-days we call it life style or personal taste. We can see a case that is going on now before the Supreme Court constitutional bench regarding same sex marriages. Do we clearly see where we have reached? Once, homosexuality was a crime as per the Indian penal code, but now it has become a different orientation of sex!
       Liberalism is so common. Holiness and faithfulness are rarely admired by the modern society; drunkenness and adultery are everywhere. In fact, sin has become a fashion and lifestyle in the secular world; however, the Bible stands out strongly against sin.
       God loves the sinner but hates sin. Actually.....More

Gospel: -

Sin Forgiven

By Aby Kuruvilla, Mumbai

If we desire a better life, we can agree that largely our circumstances matter in shaping that desire. To the poor, it may be riches. To the rich, it may be power. To the foolish, it may be wisdom. To the wise, it may be joy.
       One such man who was sick of palsy was brought to Jesus Christ for healing. Jesus Christ had become renowned as the great healer of sicknesses. For He being God incarnate, He had the power to heal sicknesses. But in contrast, He told that man, “Son, be of good cheer; your sins are forgiven you." (Matt 9:2). The pressing need for that man was to be healed of his palsy. But from God’s perspective, the pressing need was his.... More

Worthy Quotes:-


“One leak will sink a ship, and one sin will destroy a sinner.”

  __________ - John Bunyan  

“It comforts and quiets the depraved heart of man if he can only find a person worse than himself.”

  __________ - John Nelson Darby  

“The body is not sinful; the body is neutral. It can be controlled either by sin or by God.”

  __________ - Warren W. Wiersbe  

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