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Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ

Nelson Thomas is an Evangelist and Bible Teacher serving the Lord in Mumbai India since 1985 and worshiping the Lord with a New Testament pattern local Christian Assembly commonly called the 'brethren'.

As a young man he experienced the transforming power of the risen Lord Jesus Christ and subsequently surrendered to the Lord’s work being sure of His call for it. In 1981 he came to the city of Bombay to serve the Lord with a Christian organization in North India. Then, he left it to serve the Lord by faith, holding on to the New Testament Church principles.

In April, 1985 his home assembly in Kerala, south India commended him for fulltime ministry in Bombay. In association with Zion Christian Assembly at Sion began to work at Malad. A local assembly was established in 1986 which is today called ‘Rehoboth Brethren Assembly’ and later in 1996 began the ministry at Malvani and with the help of other believers and in association with Rehoboth Assembly, an assembly testimony was established at Malvani where he is still fellowshipping.

Over the years, it pleased the Lord to teach him many valuable lessons from the word of God; particularly New Testament church principles and practices. He makes every effort to make these precious truths known to all, using every media.

Your prayers are very much needed for this servant of God who is committed to ‘declare the whole counsel of God’ at any cost.
To know more about him and the ministry, feel free to contact him at ntk561ATgmail.com
Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/ntk561