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Issue No.078 November, 2010
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Separation: our strength

        Story of Samson in the Old Testament clearly portraits the strength of separation as well as the consequences of compromise. The secret behind the supernatural strength of Samson was his sanctified life. He was a Nazirite from the womb of his mother. Cf. Judges 13:5. A Nazirite is one who is wholly surrendered to God. They must be separated to the Lord and should be away from things that could defile them. Cf. Numbers 6:1ff. Even a small thing that many would consider as harmless could defile this dedicated godly individual.

        Samson experienced immense power and people began to wonder at the source of his strength. But he was not careful in maintaining his separated state. Gradually, little by little he defiled himself. He could not control his carnal appetite. What was the result? Lost his separation and the strength of the Lord left him and the rest is a sad story. Cf. Jud 16:21ff.

Distinguishing mark     

Through out the Bible we see that separation is one of the marks of a believer. The Lord wants His people to be separated from the contaminations of this world. They must be totally devoted to Him and His purposes. Whenever they live in such a way, He will bless them and use them mightily. At the same time failure will lead to God’s wrath and subsequent chastening hands falling upon His own people. It is for His glory blessings are bestowed on those who follow His word, similarly it is to uphold His glory judgement is meted out to those who chose to rebel.

        We see this taking place through out the Old Testament. Their separation guaranteed God’s protection and power. Even with all his effort Balaam could not curse them because they were living as a separate people with out following the practices of the nations around them. Numbers 23:8, 9. But the moment they joined the Moabites for evil association and defiled themselves, the wrath of God fell upon them. Numbers 25:1—9.

        So we see the Lord repeatedly makes this call, “Come out from among them, and be separate.” Isaiah 52:11; 2Corin 6:17 etc.

Christ’s Concern

        Are we then exempt from this demand of the Lord in the New Testament? The Lord Jesus Christ frequently refers to our separated state in His intercessory prayer. John 17. “They are not of the world just as I am not of the world.” V. 14. The world does not know God the Father, Son and the Holy Sprit; similarly the world does not recognize us. On the contrary the world will only hate and persecute us. Cf. John 14:17; 15:18; 17:25; 1John 3:1.

        These are plain teachings of the New Testament. This world has no place for the Triune God and His people. World does not understand us either. An unbeliever may not appreciate our motive, principles and practices.

        There are many Christians who do not care such things. So they simply adopt the style of the world and without any hesitation follow the fashions of the unbeliever. However, even after knowing this truth and experiencing the blessings based on it, can we afford to go back to the world to be appreciated and acknowledged by them? Not only is it a futile exercise, it’s a sign of ignorance and spiritual deterioration. Peter spoke about such people very severely. 2Peter 2:20—22.

No turning back

        Beloved, let us maintain separation, however illogical and old-fashioned it may be. The Lord is our example and the stories of numerous saints in the past are our inspiration. As the well known hymn writer MEC sang why we need ‘the applause of the world that gave a thorn of crown to our Master’.

        Let us hold on to the Lord as well as His word and willingly suffer for Him. If it is necessary to bear reproach and loss for the sake of being a separated Christian let us go for it. (more)

Out line:-


1. From the darkness. 1Pet 2:9; 2Cor 6:14; Eph 5:8

2. From false profession. 2Timothy 3:1—5; 2cor 6:17

3. From teachers of error. 1Timothy 1:4; 4:7; 6:5

4. From Unbelievers & evil thing . 2 Corinthians.6:17

5. From Wicked brother. 1Corinthians.5:11

6. From Disorderly brother. 2Thessalonians. 3:6

7. From Life style of the gentiles. Ephesians.4:17

8. From the world. John 15:19; Galatians 6:14

Anecdote: -

Pork Baptized to Fish

Bishop Mar Aprem has this story. Yousuf a Muslim cook was very fond of pork. But as a Muslim he could not touch pork. He went to a priest to become a Christian. Priest poured some water over him and called him a Christian. He changed his name also to Joseph.

As he is a cook, priest appointed him as a cook. Priest instructed Joseph to purchase only fish as he likes no other meat. But Joseph bought pork and prepared it as fish and gave to priest. Naturally priest questioned Joseph.

Joseph said very sincerely, “You poured water on me and called me Joseph. I poured water on pork and called fish!”

Brief Article:-

Church vs. Assembly

Few months ago this writer wrote about the usage of ‘assembly’ and ‘church’ entitled ‘what’s in a name’. He never imagined that in such short span of time hundreds of local assemblies ‘together’ will take a decision to replace ‘assembly’ with ‘church’ for social acceptance.

        No doubt ‘church’ is not at all a bad word. But to say that our Lord used the word ‘church’ is not a right logic, because He was not talking in English.

        Dr. Silas C. Nair puts it very clearly, “Church is not a building, however beautiful it might look. The particular edifice which many call “church” may be a place where church, the body of Christ meets. But no building made by human hands is a church according to the Bible. Church is not a human organization…….Church is a living organism. The word “Ecclesia” translated “church” refers to a company of people called out by God and separated unto Himself. It is God who called them. They did not come of their own accord. They were called out from the world. (Acts 15:14)” (What is Church? Page 3)

        If church is not a building then what is church? Then is it not a contradiction to call a gathering place as the church?

        What is wrong with ‘assembly’? What is our actual aim in changing the most appropriate one after more than a centaury? More

Matters for prayer & praise:-

Assembly Leadership Conference, Maharashtra India

        Maharashtra Evangelical Trust, in association with like minded brethren and assemblies conducted a conference for spiritual leaders in the state of Maharashtra. Around 100 evangelists, elders, deacons and other responsible men from various assemblies gathered at Khandala near Mumbai from November 14 to 17.

        Lord’s servants George Dawson New Delhi and John Kurian Kerala ministered the word of God. Brother Dawson spoke on leadership in the assembly and brother Kurian spoke on leadership at home. The participants were very much blessed by the rich and profitable ministries of the brethren.

        Kindly continue to pray for the Lord’s work in Maharashtra. There are 17 more districts with out an assembly testimony. Pray that the Lord may challenge the believers in Maharashtra to be more effective in their service for the Lord. For more details contact:-infoATmetrust.in


Worthy Quotes:-


“The more the heart is filled with Christ’s love and the eye filled with His blessed person, the more closely shall we seek to follow
in His heavenly track."

_____________________  C. H. Mackintosh

“The more a person knows of Christian standards the more obligated he is to live up to them.”

  _________ William Macdonald  



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