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Issue No.079 January, 2011
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Christian’s Supreme Priority

        Most believers entered in to this New Year with a set of new goals and programme to succeed somehow. It’s always good to review our performance and reschedule our activities to attain maximum result. Though such an exercise is possible at any moment, the beginning of a year is particularly a very unique occasion to review and rearrange our life’s priorities.

        Since our life is too short and the opportunities are limited we should be very clear about our priority. What is the most important responsibility of a Christian? To succeed as a Christian, what should be on the top of our activities? If we are not sure about this, it is very difficult for us to progress as the Lord expects from us.

Eternal Value     

The Lord Jesus referred to this while rebuking Martha for her worry and murmuring. “But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:42. What was that good thing Mary had chosen? While Martha was worried over the household tasks, Mary was calmly sitting at the feet of Christ and listening to Him. The Lord says, not only Mary’s action was a good and essential thing but it has eternal value as well. Yes, this should be the supreme priority for a Christian: Be at the feet of Christ and learn from Him. Among the many other crucial agendas for this New Year is it our top-most priority?

Gospel Truth     

In fact the gospel call includes such a great responsibility. But sad thing, often we don’t give more importance to this aspect of the gospel truth. Notice Matthew 11: 28, 29. In v.28 the Christ calls sinners to come and find forgiveness and rest from the burden of sin. In v.29 we have the next step, “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me………and you will find rest for your souls.” Coming to Christ as an enlightened sinner and finding rest and salvation is not enough; we ought to take His yoke upon our shoulder. That is to walk with Him; stay close to Him.

        The Lord very clearly refers to the result of such intimate association with Him. Not only He will teach us many precious spiritual truths, we will also know more of Christ Himself. Then we shall find rest for our souls. Notice carefully the reference to two aspects of rest in a believer’s life. The first rest that the Lord gave is in-connection with the forgiveness of sins and salvation from the penalty of sin. The second aspect of rest refers to peaceful and serene life of a Christian in his every day life. That depends upon our personal relation with Christ.

Training Centre

Mark writes about the main aim of Christ in choosing the disciples. “Then He appointed twelve, that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach.” Mark 3:14. It was while they were alone with Him, Christ explained the meaning of the parables He spoke in public. Also it was an opportunity for them to clear their doubts on various other issues. Cf. Mark 4:10, 34. In short we can say it was at the feet of Christ disciples were moulded and prepared for spiritual service.

        In fact the Lord made it very clear later, “And you will also bear witness, because you have been with Me from the beginning.” John 15:27. Before one can speak about Christ, He wants us to be with Him and learn from Him. It is at His feet one is prepared for fruitful Christian life and service.

Experimental knowledge

The most important aspect of this wonderful training programme at the feet of Christ is that more than mere theological truths, we will know more of the Lord Himself. That exactly is the purpose of God. Jeremiah 9:24. Our salvation takes place as a result of knowing who Christ is. Cf. John 17: 3. This knowledge is not just an intellectual understanding of certain facts but experimental: deep, intimate acquaintance. Our spiritual growth also depends upon such personal relationship with Christ. 2Peter 3:18.

        Our spiritual life commences and continues with the knowledge of Christ. Yes, true Christian life is not based on just believing certain doctrinal points but having a very personal and living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Not even some truths about Christ like His person, perfections, work etc, we need to know Himself. That’s why it is imperative for us to maintain an intimate relationship with the Lord by being close to Him as often as we can. Even the Lord Jesus Christ wants such a friendly relation with us! Cf. John 15:15.

Paul’s Priority

Notice the words of Apostle Paul. Around 25 years after his conversion he says, “That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings….” Philippians 3:10. Paul finds this as the most important goal of his life and counts all other things as loss and rubbish. V. 8. Is it your priority this year? Are you willing to consider all other things as secondary for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ as Paul did?

        How can we stay close to Christ today? It is through the meditation of His word and prayer. As we read His precious word and commune with Him in our quite time our heart is refreshed by that still small voice of the Spirit of God. There we are revived, challenged, encouraged and even moulded.

Godly witnesses

Yes, I believe every spiritual development takes place at this quite moment. Consider the life of any great men of God in the past all of them enjoyed very personal quite time with the Lord. They knew their Lord more. They heard the word of God very personally and that made them truly spiritual and strong witnesses for Christ. Let this be our New Year goal. Not just a goal, but deliberately and purposely experience it day by day.

“Close to Thee, close to Thee,
all along my pilgrim journey saviour,
Saviour let me walk with Thee.”

To all our esteemed readers, we sincerely and prayerfully wish such a wonderful spiritual life and subsequent success in every aspect of life all through this New Year 2011.

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Out line:-

One Thing

1. Desired. Psalm 27:4

2. Lacking. Mark 10:21

3. Needful. Luke 10:42

4. To Know. John 9:25

5. To Do. Philippines 3:13

Anecdote: -

Quantity vs Quality

A story is told of two armies facing each other ready for battle. One army had twice the force of the other. The commander of the bigger army sent an ambassador to the chief of the smaller army asking them to surrender considering that they were grossly outnumbered.

In reply to this suggestion, the commander of the smaller army called one of his men, handed him a sword and said, “Fall on this.” The man obeyed instantly. He then called another soldier, handed him a spear and said, “Fall on this.” The man immediately fell it. He called a third and pointing to a precipice said, “Leap over it.” The man immediately jumped.

Turning to the ambassador, the commander said, “Go and tell your chief that I have ten thousand men who will unhesitantly die at my words. If your commander surrenders it is all-right, if not, the battle begins.”

The ambassador returned to the commander shaken up and begged him to surrender saying, “An army of such men is invincible regardless of numbers.”

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“If you aim at nothing, you hit it.”

_____________________  Author Unknown

“No one can be making much of his life who has not a very definite
conception of what he is living for.”

  _________ Henry Drummond  



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