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Issue No.081 March, 2011
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Unexpected World Events

        Recent incidents in different parts of the world once again bring before us this question, ‘what is going to happen to this world’? Consider the devastating earth quake and the Tsunami in Japan. The Japanese government is still fighting to contain the radiation from the nuclear reactors from the affected area. One commentator said, ‘It proves the superiority of the nature’. Another expert added, ‘we never imagined a natural calamity of such magnitude, it happens once in thousand years’.

        Remember, earth quake is not new to Japan; they are well prepared for it. Even from school they learn how to face such disaster, yet the latest was so destructive and beyond their expectation.

        What does it teach us? We can not simply hope to be safe and secured even with all our preparedness and technology aided precautions.

The Revolt     

Consider, what is taking place in the Arab world. Who did expect such revolt in these countries? Dictators who ruled with an iron fist for decades had to flee for safety. The others are worried. Citizens rise against their own government and the government shoots them back mercilessly. Folks of the same race fight against each other. The so-called super power bombards a sovereign nation and escalates the tension. Even the allies are not able to agree for the right action.

        The out come of these events are far reaching. The destruction of life and property, displaced people, escalating cost of living and the uncertainty over various spheres of life are just some.

        Man may attribute it as unexpected or as nature’s fury, but for a Christian these are not. For His Lord has already spoken of it. Matthew 24: 6—8.

The Response     

Referring to such future catastrophic events the Lord Jesus Christ reminded His people:-
       a. “See that you are not troubled.” V. 6.
       b. “Know that it is near”. V. 33
       c. “Watch therefore” v. 42.
That is exactly what we need to do now. We ought to know the times and realize that this world can not continue the way it is going.

        How can we ignore the evil that is growing in this world? Sex is commercialised every where. Moral values have no place in this materialistic world. There is absolutely no fear of God the creator, no regard for his co-being but glory in their shameful activities.

        Even the so-called saints are competing to show their wealth and enjoy their life. There is too much pride, too much luxury. The only aim man seems to have is to enjoy life in it’s full – eat, drink and make merry.

        Isaiah writes it poignantly, “The foundations of the earth are shaken. The earth is violently broken, the earth is split open, the earth is shaken exceedingly. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard. And shall totter like a hut; its transgression shall be heavy upon it, and it will fall, and not rise again.” Isaiah 24:18c – 20.

Reach out

Knowing this from the word of God we ought to be ready for the coming of our Lord as promised. We don’t need to be troubled, for our God has well-designed the future purposes and nothing happens against His permission. Our foremost responsibility today is to communicate this Biblical truth to all around us, so that they too will be ready.

        As the people of this world are worried and confused about the unforeseen world events let us make known the truth of the word of God which man seldom pay attention. Apostle John exhorts, “The world is passing away and the lust of it, but he who does the will of God abides forever.”1John 2:17.

        William Macdonald has put it interestingly, “When a bank is braking smart people do not deposit in it; when the foundation is tottering intelligent builders do not proceed. Concentrating on this world is like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. So, wise people do not live for a world that is passing away.”

        Our safety depends on our God. He is able to protect us from all the dangers and even through it. His promise is, “Fear not I have redeemed you…..When you pass through the waters I will be with you, and through the rivers they shall not overflow you, when you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flame scorch you.” Isaiah 43:1b – 3. Let us trust in Him, testify Him and tarry for Him.

Out line:-


1. Better Testament. Hebrews 7:22

2. Better Sacrifice Hebrews 9:23

3. Better Promises. Hebrews 8:6

4. Better Hope. Hebrews 7:19

5. Better Possession Hebrews 10:34

5. Better Country Hebrews 11:16

5. Better Resurrection Hebrews 11:35

Anecdote: -

A family Confession

One Sunday morning in a Communion Service a father with a tender conscience felt convicted because he had broken a strict family rule by taking some peanut brittle when no one was looking.

        This may not seem serious to us, but is happened during the depression when thing like candy were greatly prized. Furthermore this particular family had a solemn agreement that no one, not even the parents, would help themselves to a treat without the knowledge of others.

        Returning home still filled with guilt, the father stumbled through a confession as he admitted to his wife and children what he had done. The incident did not stop there however, for he heard little daughter Ruth crying after she had gone to bed. When he asked her what was wrong, blurted out that she, not the neighbour boy whom everyone blamed, was the real culprit who had stolen the chocolate cake form the kitchen a few days earlier. She said her conscience had made her miserable, and then added, “Daddy, when you told us about peanut brittle, I knew I had to tell about the cake!”

        The next morning at breakfast Ruth acknowledged her wrong, and this brought about confessions from her brothers. One had been corners on piano practice; another had lied about his home work. With everything in the open the family felt drawn together in a new and wonderful way.

Prayer & Praise:- Home Call

Charles E. Wigg, Tasmania, Australia

Well-known itinerant Bible Teacher Charles E. Wigg, went to be with the Lord on last Friday March 25, 2011 in Burnie, Tasmania. He had been residing in a Nursing home for quite some time.

        For the last one year his health was deteriorating. His memory as well as eye sight was getting weaker. On 17the September 2010, sitting on a wheel chair he celebrated his 80th birth day in the nursing home when his immediate family and few friends around him.

        Two months ago his conditions became more serious. Last Friday (March 25) most of his children, grandchildren and dear ones visited him, that evening as his eldest son was reading from 2 Corinthians 4 & 5, dear servant of God was promoted to glory to be with Christ whom he served zealously for the last many years.

        Many around world will miss dear uncle. He used to visit India often and take series Bible studies across the country. He was very particular about teaching the New Testament Church principles which many conveniently neglect these days.

        He also found time to write his studies. When this writer began to send this e-periodical, he joyfully contributed his studies on Tabernacle and it was a blessing to many. A good number of his articles are uploaded at bible-exposition.com/charles_e__wigg.htm

        His simplicity, godly life and sincere love have influenced many. Without any hesitation he adjusted to any situation. Truly, numerous believers and servants of God will cherish the memory of this great man of God.

        Let us remember the family members in our prayers especially his wife Bev Wigg who is in the same Nursing home, and the children and their families. (John & Jaya; Ian & Marj)

        Funeral service is scheduled to be held on FRIDAY 1st April at 11am, in ‘Vincent Funeral Chapel’ in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia . (Funeral report and tribute)

        Let me close with a quote from dear uncle. In an article entitled, "Will we see our loved ones again?", he concludes, “We feel the parting, and the years since our loved ones left us seem to drag, but they feel no parting. For them there is no time to drag. But all is eternal joy. Even so, Come Lord Jesus!”

Study: -


The Bible reveals the basic need of man and the kind of salvation he is in need of. His need is not just salvation from enemy or disease. His need is spiritual salvation and internal change. That’s what Christ offers through His work of salvation. What is the need for such a salvation? -- HE IS IN DANGER.

        The Bible very clearly says that man is in a dangerous condition. He may not be aware of it. Even he / she may not feel much about this perilous state. Notice that often a patient is not aware of some of the serious sicknesses he is having in his body. Experts may notice it from certain symptoms. A thorough investigation alone will reveal the true state of his health.

        Similarly we may feel good in the normal sense but close examination will show certain symptoms. Bible not only refers to the symptoms of man’s dangerous spiritual state but it reveals his true estate as well.... More

Worthy Quotes:-


“Terrible days are coming, the awful days of The Great Tribulation; dreadful though they are what we are witnessing is but the beginning of sorrows. Truly it is time for us to lift up our heads, because the day of our redemption draws nigh.”

_____________________  Charles E. Wigg

“Tomorrow has two handles: the handle of fear and the handle of faith. You can take hold of it by either handle.”

  _________ Author Unknown  



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