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Issue No.080 February, 2011
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No more secret

        Recent revelations by WikiLeaks website have embarrassed many around the globe, even powerful governments. Very secret communications between government officials are now available online. Ironically the founder Mr. Julian Assange himself is fighting a court case against the alleged secret activities he had in Switzerland!

        In India also some well-known politicians and corporate leaders are in trouble due to leaked information. They never imagined that their very secret telephone talk would be published after a few years. One industrialist has already approached the court to ban further publication of his conversation.

        We don’t want to comment on the ethical implications of such revelations. However we do have a lesson from these developments. As the word of God says, “Nothing is secret that will not be revealed.” Luke 8:17; 12:2, 3.

God searches     

A Christian believer’s life must be transparent and straightforward. Hidden agenda and secret motives should not have a place in our life. Any effort to impress others with false propaganda or pretension is futile. Even if we succeed for some time with our corrupt and secret ways, the Lord will not allow us to continue for long. The word of God says very clearly, “I am He who searches the minds and hearts.” Reve 2:23. In His own time and method, He will make it possible that our hidden life is exposed. Even the truth behind our so-called good and spiritual works will be brought to light.

        If man can expose the secrets of fellow being, how much more the Almighty God who knows every detail of our life, thoughts and intentions, would reveal at the appropriate time. Cain thought no one has seen murdering his brother but he was deceived. Achan also was very much sure there is no way any one could find out his cheating, the Lord intervened to bring out the truth. David might have thought that he can get away with general impression that he is a godly king, but God will never allow His people to continue with deception.

        Such plenty of Biblical stories also underscore the truth that there is no secret that will not be revealed. Even if it takes time, definitely and decisively every hidden agenda would be revealed. This truth should force us to fear God and lead a pure and honest life before God and man.

        Apostle Paul prayed for the Philippians that they may be sincere. Phil 1:10. About Nathaniel Christ commented, “Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!” John 1:47. Psalmist says, “Blessed is the man ……in whose spirit there is no deceit.” Psa 32:2b.

God reveals     

It is our close walk before God that allows His penetrating light to pass through us and reveal our true state. Such conviction by the spirit of God in turn helps us to seek forgiveness and cleansing. 1John 1:7. Then alone our life will be marked by sincerity and truth.

        Yes, a sincere life, a life in which nothing to hide, open to God and man, is truly a blessed and joyful life. They need to fear nothing; the boldness they enjoy is unparalleled. Such was the life of Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 2:22.

        At the same time living on lies and hush-hush is self-destructive. In an unexpected moment the citadel we created may fall down by the intervention of God. What a shame it would be. So let us live a transparent life, a life that has no facade or pretence.

God honours

Just like the unfolding of secrets and the fraud behind our works, our good works and sincere efforts also will be revealed in His time. Today many may misunderstand our intentions and misinterpret our sincere labours for the Lord. Beloved, wait patiently. The Lord will bring to light every truth. He will honour us for our toil and faithfulness. 1Cor 4:5; 2Cor 5:10

        Yes, nothing is secret. Let this truth encourage us to live a transparent life, earnestly looking forward to that day when we shall stand before the judgement seat of Christ and be found good and faithful before Him.

Out line:-

Transformation of Isaiah

1. An unclean man. Isa 6:5

2. A convicted man. Isa 6:5

3. A contrite man. Isa 6: 5

4. A cleansed man. Isa 6:8

5. A commissioned man. Isa 6:9

Anecdote: -

Power of the Black Book

A story is told of two armies facing each other ready for battle. One army had twice the force of the other. The commander of the bigger army sent an ambassador to the chief of the smaller army asking them to surrender considering that they were grossly outnumbered.

        Some one narrated this conversation between a French traveler and an African man. As the traveler walking through a village in Africa found a native man reading the Bible. With wonder and contempt he asked him, “do you read this book, we have already discarded this black book.”

        Pointing to a small rock, the African told him, it’s only because of this book, you are alive, otherwise by this time you would have been cut in to pieces and boiling in my kettle.”

News & Views:-

Ancient Britons Ate Each Other.

According to a PTI report published by the Times of India, ancient Britons not only ate each other but also made cups and bowls from the skulls of their victims. It was a discovery made by a team led by the Natural History Museum. The most terrible truth is that it was well planned cannibalism, as humans at that time knew how to bury their dead.

        Prof. Christ Stringer of the National History Museum suggests that, “Cannibalism would have been a good way of removing groups competing with you and getting food for yourself. There was also a feeling that if you ate your enemy you gained some of his power.”

        To what shall we attribute the wonderful transformation that took place in the heart of such a group of people? Is it not the word of God? 1Corinthians 6:11

Study: -


In the Old Testament, from the book of Genesis on wards God’s work of salvation for mankind is being unfolded. As we go through various Old Testament books we can see their concept of salvation gradually changing through out their history.

        The Old Testament history is full of God’s saving activity for His people. In the beginning of the Bible itself we see how God saves / delivers Noah from the floods, Lot from fire. Cf. Genesis ch.9; ch19. After the call of Abraham, God’s work of salvation is related particularly to the people of Israel. Their history is in fact the history of the saving activity of God. ….. More

Worthy Quotes:-


“Truth fears nothing but concealment”.

_____________________  Latin Proverb

“Fraud and falsehood only dread examination. Truth invites it.”

  _________ Thomas Cooper  



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