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Issue No.177 May 2021
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In this issue:-

Our Security: Christ’s Concern, John 17: 11, 12, 15

Safety and security were not a serious issue for the common man till recently. In spite of all the developments in the educational, scientific and economic fronts, today man is more worried and frightened than any other period of time in history. Unprecedented natural calamities, political instability and turmoil, the ever rising global terror networks, and now the pandemic, all disturb the sense of security in the heart of man.
       In such a world scenario, we need to praise God that a born-again child of God does not need to be worried or perplexed, for our God Himself is concerned about the safety of His people, especially in the spiritual aspect. Notice the repeated request of Christ in His intercessory prayer before He went to the cross.

“Now I am no longer in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to You. Holy Father, keep through Your name those whom You have given Me… While I was with them I kept them in Your name...…....... I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil one.” John 17: 11, 12, 15

Since the Lord made it clear later (v. 20) that His prayer was not only for the disciples but also for those who will believe in Him later through the testimony of the apostles, these are applicable for you and me. So, we can observe that even today Christ our Lord in heaven is much concerned about our security while we live in this part of eternity.
       What an encouragement this is to our hearts in the midst of all kinds of uncertainties and mayhem around us; so take heart beloved, we are not defenseless or unprotected! ->>>More

Out line:-

The Secure Hiding Place Isaiah 32:2

  1. Secured from the wind – symbolical of Satan’s power. Colo 3;2

  2. Sheltered from the tempest - coming storm of judgment. 1Thess 1:10; Rom 5:9

  3. Satisfied with rivers of living water – in a dry and thirsty world. John 4, 7

  4. Succoured under the shadow of a great rock – in tribulation and trying influences. Heb 2:18


Anecdote: -

Our Safety Depends Upon the Father

A three year old child felt secure in his father's arms as his dad stood in the middle of the pool. But dad, for fun, began walking slowly toward the deep end, gently chanting, "deeper and deeper and deeper," as the water rose higher and higher on the child. The lad's face registered increasing degrees of panic, as he held all the more tightly to his father who could easily touch the bottom.
       Actually there was no reason for the child to fear. The water's depth in any part of the pool was over his head. Had he not been held up, he'd have drowned even in the shallowest part of the pool His safety anywhere in that pool depended on Dad.
       Similarly at various points in our lives, all of us may feel we're getting "out of our depth" - problems abound, loss of job, death of a dear one etc. Our temptation is to panic, for we feel we've lost control.
       Yet, as with the child in the pool, the truth is we've never been in control over the most valuable things of life. We've always been held up by the grace of God, our Father, and that does not change. God is never out of Hi depth, and therefore we're safe when we're "going deeper" as we have ever been.

Source: Unknown

Brief Article: -

Fifteen Facts about Death

'DEATH' - most frightening reality. Many even refused to think about it. But now we are surrounded by the news and images of death. We are literally living in the shadow of death. No one can avoid death for long. Sooner or later we will have to face death. Then it’s better, today itself, know more about it, and find the best way to prepare for life beyond it. Here are fifteen vital truths about death the Bible - word of God- teaches.
       There is no other book like the HOLY BIBLE, which so clearly and comprehensively speaks about our death and even beyond the grave. It not only enlightens us to live in view of our life beyond this world, but also encourage us to enjoy this present life with hope, confidence and satisfaction.
       So let us try to see the basic truths about our death found in the word of God without much explanation. Readers are encouraged to refer to the scripture portions and make a personal study on these points. ->>>More

Tribute: -

Brethren Who Finished the Race

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India affected so many believers, and it’s very sad to notice that several of them could not survive. We as human beings find it very difficult to understand how some of the most useful servants of God succumbed to COVID.
       Nevertheless, we believe that God who is sovereign has done the best for His people, and He does not make a mistake. “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His saints.” (Psalm 116:15). Our Lord in His perfect will called His servants home to be with their Master and to rest from their labors. (cf. John 17:24; Reve. 14:13).
       In this note, I would like to share briefly my sweet memories and appreciation of some of those servants of God with whom I had very personal acquaintance… ->>>More

Worthy Quotes:-


“All of nature depends on God, and God never fails. Only mortal man depends on money, and money always fails.”

  _________ Warren W. Wiersbe  

“The nearer we come to God, the thicker the hosts of darkness in heavenly places. The safe place lies in obedience to God’s Word, singleness of heart and holy vigilance.”

  _________ A.B. Simpson

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