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Issue No.176 April 2021
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In this issue:-

Road to Restoration and Revival, 2Chro 7: 13, 14

      “When I shut up heaven and there is no rain, or command the locusts to devour the land, or send pestilence among My people, if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”
       Even when the world was intensely looking for a relief from the COVID-19 pandemic, the second wave hit so swiftly and hard. Many who escaped the contagion so far are stunned to see the coronavirus at their doorstep. God’s people everywhere are sincerely praying for a definite divine intervention. More and more prayer groups are conducting special sessions of intercession for the affected ones across the globe. There is no doubt that in times like these, supplication to the almighty God alone is our recourse. May the Lord be gracious to His people everywhere.
       In this situation, it’s good to consider the words of the Lord to Solomon the King regarding what the response of the people should be whenever they face draught, famine and pestilence etc. Here we can notice the path to deliverance from such hostile circumstances, permitted by God Himself. Five things are noteworthy in relation to our prayers.
1. The Lord does listen and respond to our prayers, 2Chro. 7:12
2. God chastens His people for their disobedience and rebellion, v. 13
3. A believer’s failure has a cascading effect, V.13
4. God always gives man an opportunity for restoration, v. 14
5. Restoration is possible only when we fulfill God’s requirements, v. 14
What a comfort it is to know that God attends to our petitions and even answers them. For a believer, prayer is not just a religious ritual or a spiritual exercise. ->>>More

Out line:-

Marks of a Revival

As seen in the 1st century church at Samaria. Act 8

  1. Born in trouble. Vs. 1 – 3
    - ‘Death, persecution, scattering, burial, lamentation, havoc, jail.’

  2. Began with an individual. V. 5
    - Philip an individual preached an individual – Christ.

  3. Blended the people. “With one accord”. V. 6
    - (a) ‘Heading’, (b) ‘hearing’, (c) ‘seeing’

  4. Brings out demons. V. 7
    - ‘Unclean spirits came out…were healed.’

  5. Blesses everybody. V. 8
    - ‘There was great joy in that city’.


Anecdote: -

Revival & Confession of Sins

In 1936 a senior named Don Hillis arose in chapel to voice a plea for revival. Students responded with an all-day prayer meeting on Saturday. Both faculty and students confessed sin and made things right with one another.
       The Wheaton campus was touched again in 1943 following a message on confession of sin during special services. The captain of the cross-country team arose to confess that he had violated college policy by leading his team in a Sunday race. Pride, criticism, and cheating were confessed by other students. Lunch and dinner slipped by unnoticed while the meeting continued into the evening service.
       "Stop the bus!" a member of the Wheaton College Glee Club shouted. The Glee Club was touring in Florida in 1950. A revival that had broken out on the campus in Illinois had touched this student hundreds of miles away. He confessed he had broken the rules and other students began to turn to God. God's promise is still true. If we seek Him with all our heart, we shall surely find Him ready to pour the riches of His grace and love into the lives of His people (Jer 29:13).

Source: Revival Insights

Brief Article: -

A Believer’s Response to Unprecedented Calamities

What shall we do today as we face unexpected, unfavorable circumstances? Is it enough to be satisfied that we are born again children of God and nothing will happen to us without God’s permission?
       It’s not wrong to trust God and hope for His gracious intervention as we face any hostile situation. But that’s only a one-sided remedy. There were occasions when false prophets tried to comfort the people of God with soothing words, the Lord denounced them for it was not from Him. Jeremiah 27:13ff. So the right response in the light of God’s word is imperative.Seven important lessons are noteworthy here: ->>>More

Worthy Quotes:-


“Every major or minor revival of true faith has involved a rediscovery of the teaching of the Word of God.”

  _________ William MacDonald  

“Lord, revive your church, and begin with me.”

  _________ Chinese Christian  

“When sin is confessed and church members get right with God and with each other, then the Spirit infuses new life — revival!”

  _________ Warren W. Wiersbe  

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