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Index to News & Views

Our effort through this section is to highlight news that matters to Christian believers around world.
Either it affirms our faith, encouraging us to hold on to the Lord or it is a warning to take care.
If any reader gets across such information, please feel free to pass it on to us.
You can write to gracepeaceuATgmail.com .

Unprecedented Atrocities against Christians

Strict Anti-Conversion Law

The Increasing Suicide Rate in India

Christians: a shrinking minority in India?

Sainthood to become less expensive!

Universe to Collapse

Vatican Launches Cricket Club

Too much social media affects memory

Student’s Internet addiction

Archbishop Gives Confidence to homosexuals!

Facebook could take away our joy!

Church offers support for the 5th child.

Baby girls changed to Boys

Faith and Wealth

Royal Weddings – Indian Style

John Paul II – Way to Sainthood

World Laughter Day

Death of a ‘god'

Suicide in India

No TV Day in Mumbai

“Who Owns Yoga?”

Hawking says God did not make the universe

TV & Children

To spare the rod or not?

Dress Code in Goa Beaches

Minister Removes Convocation Robe

India’s Obsession with Fair Skin

Call for a World Government

Depressed Mumbai: 38 suicide in twenty days

Worship Costly!

Global Meet to Save the Earth

40 years after Internet

Conversion Game Show

Free Beer for Attending Church

Homosexuality in India Decriminalized

Gay Pride March

Pope Pleads to protect humanity from homosexuality

Nurse in UK dismissed for church-visit tip to patients.

Rising Suicide Rate in Mumbai

Dads of the week!

Atheistic Advertising Campaign in London

Satyam Turns Asatyam-India's biggest corporate fraud

Happy New Year- with 6,751,643,600 people!

Fear and Happiness are Contagious

Mumbai Terror Attack - to go to heaven!

Orissa: Persecution Continues

Persecution in Orissa

India Pilgrim's Progress

Big Bang Experiment – in Search of ‘God particle'

“Most kids born out of wedlock”

Marriage Rates in UK Falling