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Thought for this month

“Every true child of God soon learns that the Christian life is a warfare.”

__William MacDonald
'Grace & Peace' e-Periodical

Never forget, we are in a battle field.....fear not....fight a good fight...explore... More    ( PDF )
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‘Reflections of a Discerning Christian’
We have published a new book recently, it’s a collection of articles appeared in the e-periodical, revised for the present reader. Avail 30% discount with coupon code NEWRELEASEOFFER from Notion Press MORE
Articles & Studies
The sin of murder – Is suicide ‘the unforgivable sin'?
Bro. Tom Jones, Texas answers questions in response to his earlier article on the possibility of suicide by a believer.... More
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  An Introduction to the book of Ruth

A study in English & Hindi - Part 1
By Evangelist Simon George, Florida    

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