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Thought for this Week

Our Lord the good shepherd leads us always and through all the ways even the desert, waters and fire. Let us follow Him.
News & Views
Christians: a shrinking minority in India?
Latest religion wise data of the census 2011 has been released in India. Wise to consider. .... MORE
'Grace & Peace' e-Periodical      
125   8/15     Christ- centred life of a Believer
All our blessings are in Christ, We have nothing outside Him.We are complete in Him. More .
Articles & Studies
NEED PRAYER WARRIORS IN THE CHURCH Prayer is not an aimless activity...always effective. “God does nothing without prayer” Wesley More
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 Importance of Pastoral minsitry Part one of the five classes on Pastoral Counseling in Malayalam.          

 Enjoy Your FreedomA message in Hindi on the true freedom one can enjoy through the Lord Jesus Christ. Not just for few days, but on a continuous level.
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