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Thought for this Week

Truth is definitely bitter and costly; but truth alone will stand and succeed. Seek it, hold it and live. Not from a mortal being, but from the one who is proved to be The WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE.
News & Views
Christians: a shrinking minority in India?
Latest religion wise data of the census 2011 has been released in India. The percentage of Christians is only 2.3% .. Wise to consider. .... MORE
'Grace & Peace' e-Periodical      
126   9/15     Amen, Come, Lord Jesus!
The sufferings many Christians going through will soon be over. Let us love His appearing, look forward, wait eagerly - blessed ,living hope. More .
Articles & Studies
END TIME BIBLE PROPHECIES Conser some Biblical prophecies, proclaimed in the Bible more than 2000 year ago. Some have been fulfilled and the remaining are being fulfilled in our time. More
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 Importance of Pastoral minsitry Part one of the five classes on Pastoral Counseling in Malayalam.          

 Enjoy Your FreedomA message in Hindi on the true freedom one can enjoy through the Lord Jesus Christ. Not just for few days, but on a continuous level.
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