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Thought for this Week

Suffering: not the end

God is working on us to make us better, wait patiently He will finish His work......  More
News & Views
Sainthood to become less expensive!
Vatican is considering cutting the cost of canonization. Be a saint fast and cheap. .... MORE
'Grace & Peace' e-Periodical      
116   8/14     The Presence of God: The Place of Enlightenment
In the midst so much disturbances and perplexing thoughts let us draw near to Him. More .
Articles & Studies
The Importance of Systematic Bible Study Five reasons why every christian should read and study the Bible in a systematic manner. More
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 Spiritual Warfare. An introduction to the spiritual warfare every Christian has to face. Part of a study series in English          

 Be willing to suffer. Study from 1 Peter 4: 1--6 in English, Where Peter exhorts the believers to have the attitude of Christ to suffering.
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