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About Us: Our Background and Doctrine

Welcome to the ‘Grace & Peace’ spiritual resources web site. Thanks so much for your interest in this humble effort.

It is part of the ministry by a brethren assembly (commonly called The Plymouth Brethren – open) based evangelist to make known the Biblical lessons and principles the Lord taught him over the years. These divine truths can enlighten, edify, encourage and equip you to lead a successful spiritual life. All the resources are absolutely free.

The beginning
By the grace of God, in September 2005 we began to send an electronic periodical called ‘Grace & Peace’ by email to interested members. The aim was to write on current issues that affect Christians as well as to provide study notes, meaningful stories, sermon outline and News analysis etc. The positive response of the recipients encouraged us to consider the internet ministry more seriously.

We do know that there are plenty of spiritual resources available on the web freely. Yet we consider it as a God given responsibility to make use of every opportunity – even the internet - to propagate the truths that we have found as the basis for salvation and spiritual growth. Praise God for the thousands of preachers and teachers of the Bible who use every means to make known the truth.   

When we consider the fact that thousands of people all over the world are glued to the internet at any given time and their number is growing daily, there is a definite place for ministry through the internet. Our e-periodical has its own limitation as it reaches only to the members. Even they may not be in a position to benefit it fully due to their busy life. That’s how we prayerfully thought of a web site where we can upload all the resources that any seeker of truth at any corner of the globe could access easily at any time.   

Our visitors
We are so glad to notice that the Lord is making use of this humble endeavor effectively for His glory. Many from various countries visit this site and being blessed by the various resources available. Though many do not respond, we understand that most of them come here through search engines; only eternity can reveal the real outcome of this ministry. It is our prayer that He would continue to help His servant with the needed grace and strength to complete the work assigned to him.

Grace & Peace
We would like to make it very clear to all our readers that this website is not an official organ of any organization. Years ago when this writer began the Lord’s work, he just chose this title to avoid his personal name being stamped on the tracts he distributed. So, ‘Grace & Peace’ is not an association, nor it has any official connection with any other group or organization.              

Apostle Paul as well as most other writers of the New Testament repeatedly use these terms –‘grace’ & ‘peace’- in their words of greetings. A study of the words helps us to understand the importance of ‘grace’ and ‘peace’ in the daily life of a Christian. ‘Grace’ is the unmerited favour of God and ‘peace’ is the outcome of experiencing that Grace of God. ‘Grace’ equips and ‘peace’ tranquillizes.

That is the aim of this ministry; the grace of God manifested through the Lord Jesus Christ may be experienced by each and every one and subsequently the peace of God that passes all understanding may be filled in their heart.

Our Policy
All our resources are absolutely free. We are convinced fully that the Lord will provide the needs of His servants when we do His service in His way. So, beloved, this website will never be used to gain money, directly or indirectly. We believe, merchandising the Lord’s work is a dishonor to the name of Christ. Faithful is the Lord who has called us.

Most of the materials are prepared by this writer referred with his initials NTK. Each article will have a detailed note about the author. You are free to down load any item for your personal use. You can also reproduce any material in any medium, provided that is unedited, and retain the original author / copyright information and reference to this website. A word from you will definitely encourage us to continue this ministry and make necessary changes to serve the Lord and His people better.

Your Part
Yes, we do value your co-operation. We are well aware of our inadequacies. Let us together make known the truth of the word of God and glorify His great name.
You can help us in many ways.

Pray for this ministry – for preparation and updating.
Introduce this site to others.
Give us your valuable suggestions to make this site more useful. Do not hesitate to criticize us - we welcome it! We are conscious of the possibility of error that could creep in.
Volunteer in its content preparation.
For more details feel free to contact the: gracepeaceu@gmail.com

Our Doctrine

The following is only a summary of the teachings that we follow. For any clarification kindly contact us.

The Bible
We believe the Bible as infallible, inerrant and authoritative revelation of God. (2 Peter: 1:21; 2 Timothy: 3:16; Daniel: 12:8-9; II Peter: 3: 15, 16; Matthew: 5:17-18; John: 14:26; 16:12-13) We acknowledge the verbal, plenary inspiration of the scriptures which is profitable for doctrine, reproof and correction. Also we believe that the revelation through the pages of the Bible is complete and nothing more can be added to it. Revelation.22:18, 19.

We believe in the doctrine of trinity. God is one in essence but three in respect of person. In other words in the one being of God, there are three persons of the same substance, power and eternity - Father, Son and Holy Sprit. (Deuteronomy: 4:35; 29:6; John: 17:1 – 3; Hebrews: 1:8; 2Corinthians:3:17; John: 1:1 -3; 1John: 5:7)

We believe His incarnation through Virgin Mary. We accept Him as perfect God and perfect man. Hebrews.7:26—28. We acknowledge His impeccability (2Corinthains.5:21; 1John.3:5c), vicarious and substitutionary sacrifice on the cross (2Corinthians.5:21), bodily resurrection from the dead and His ascension to heaven.

Holy Spirit:
We believe in the permanent indwelling of the Holy Sprit in all believers. (John.14:16 -17; 1Corinthians. 12:3; Romans. 8:14) Baptism of the Holy Spirit brings believers into union with other believers in the body of Christ. It’s historical, at conversion a believer enters in to its effect. (1 Corinthians. 12:13). Every believer must be filled with the Holy Spirit continuously for fruitful and effective Christian life and service. (Ephesians. 5:19; Acts. 4:31; 9:17 -20; 1Corinthians. 3:1 -3)

Created in the image of God, disobeyed the creator, became sinner from birth. Romans.3:23; 5:12. He is under condemnation, reaping the consequences of sin: slowly but surely going to the eternal hell fire after death and judgment. (Hebrews.9:27; Revelation. 20:11—15; 21:8)

God loved such wicked & condemned man to save and transform him. Jesus Christ is the only saviour by whom man can be saved. Salvation is obtained by grace as a free gift from God as he trusts the finished work of Christ on the cross. Romans 6:23. Ephesian.2:8. We believe in the eternal security of salvation of every believer. John.10:27, 28.

We believe that Church is not a building but an assembly of the called out people of God. We believe the universal aspect of the Church of Christ. Matthew.16:18. The true Church consists of all the born again believers of all ages since Pentecost. We also recognize the independence of the Local Church which is governed by the God – appointed elders and deacons under the guidance and control of the Holy Spirit. Revelation 1:12; Philippians.1:1; Acts. 11:22 -23; 20:17-18.

Future Events:-
We believe the pre-tribulation rapture of all New Testament saints and the millennial reign of Christ on earth. 1Corinthians.15:51; Revelation 3:10; 1Thessalonians.1:9 -10; 4:16, 17. Revelation 20:4 -6.

As stated already these are only summarized points. For more details, refer to an index for all the titles uploaded here or write to us. gracepeaceuATgmail.com