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Royal Weddings Indian Style

     Recent royal wedding in England may lose its splendor before the modern wedding programs of certain Indians. According to a report published by the Hindustan Times ( 8/5/11 ), number of Indian business men opts for marriage ceremonies in a foreign land.

      Not only the bride and groom, the entire invitees and the relatives are flown to a beach resort or a hotel in a major overseas city and conduct the ceremony and reception there. Apart from South Asian countries like Thailand , Maldives , Mauritius and Srilanka, certain cities in Europe are also main destinations for these wedding tourists. The budget is rupees 5 to 10 crore!

      A section of Indians are becoming more and more rich and they want to show it in the best possible manner. Many consider that since marriage takes place once in a life time that should be a memorable occasion even if it is by spending a few million rupees.

      Already many believers follow the trend of the world with out any consideration. In this matter also some of them may try to compete with these Mumbai merchants.

      What should be a Christian's attitude to money? Can he just spend his wealth as he desires just because he has the resources? Can a Christian follow a lavish life-style that the world is following? These are questions a believer ought to consider and answer.

      Let us never forget, God is the real owner, we are only His stewards. We have no absolute right over our possession. We ought to seek His will even while we spend the money that we have in our pocket! Cp. 1Chronicles 29:14, 15; 2 Corinthians 8:14 , 15; 1 Timothy 6:17 19.

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HT 8/5/2011


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