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Visitor's Comments

Your suggestions and questions are most welcome.
We are happy to learn that many from around the globe do benefit from this humble effort,
though most of them do not respond. Thank you beloved for your thoughtfulness in saying a word of
appreciation or correction that challenges us to continue in spite of difficulties.


Jehovah witness is true or false? Please suggest me how to overcome from the Jehovah witness.

Rayapati Krupakar

Thanks .It was very timely, the brevity of life. As pride was slowly trickling in nanno measures, which neither me, nor any of my dear ones could notice, my Jesus used your message to speak to me seven days after you have sent it!!!.
I am heading for a tsunami of victories, wonder upon wonders and astounding wonders; this nanno leak of pride could have been a stumbling back. I was wondering , why my Jesus who healed me off bipolar depression, who took care of me during the fierce winter a fortnight back ,is not healing the current respiratory tract infection. In spite of fierce cough, I was letting pride fill me in a very hidden way.
Thank you, my dear in Christ. Be blessed. I am VERY, VERY SURE OF THE COMING VICTORY WHICH I WILL BE ABLE SHARE with you precious people by next week. ALL GLORY TO JESUS ALONE.

Shashi Joyce Soans

Issue no. 108 Ref: Brevity of life - Fantastic! May God bless you!

Bablu Shah, West Bengal

Excellent articles, God bless you all who behind this ministry

Jose Kochukutty, Dubai

Freedom and its Abuse - Nice Thoughts. Thanks


I have just gone through your website and found the teachings there very good. Please, can you tell me bit on how you work here in Kenya

Pastor Gorge Caleb Oguta, Kenya

Dear Brother,
Thank you for the article that just came out. Recently I had a chance to study the book of Job wondering why God’s anger was kindled against Job’s counselors. It boils down to their inability to see God’s goodness and compassion {James 5:11} and instead they searched to find fault in Job’s life. How often we have the same attitude! I posted that article in the KB Net. Have a blessed New Year.
Your brother in Christ,

Tom Johns, USA

I am glad to view your fantastic web page which is much knowledgeable for my Bible study purpose. So, I would like to ask you 1 question if benefited praying for the dead persons?

Charlie Molshoy

How is the Ministry? I am from America. I have a question.......Do you know a lot of Christian Churches in India? Do you know of any Churches that you are a part of that practice the miraculous gifts? Does your Church practice them?

Alex A, USA

Very inspiring articles

David M

Thank you and God bless you. With regards,

M.Paul, Ludhiana-Punjab.

Thank you so much for the wonderful message of our LORD. May God bless you & His ministries. prayerfully

- Jagadeesan Jaison, Cochin

Beloved, many thanks for opening our eyes. Should believers attend public schools? Should they work in any of the government institutions?.....We beg the Holy Spirit to open our eyes when we read the Bible but we also need the fellowship of true believers...... Please, what shall we do? Please, what does 1John 2:15-17 means. Where are the areas believers should not work or be separated? In HIM,

Glory Emmanuel

Thank you for the e-periodical grace and peace. I'm very happy to read it, especially the teaching, a rich blessing. Thank you very much for this wonderful blessing. May God bless you.


Thank you very much for sending me the Grace and Peace article / message. I read it like eating a tasty cake. But I felt it was a heavy meal for me, while engaged with the day's activities. If it was little brief it would have been more better; a very personal desire. ...I am very happy that the commendable work you are doing .. Please keep me sending it regularly. I used to pray for the Salvation of all some times; this article still gives me more encouragement to do it persistently. Once again thanking you,

Joys K.Samuel, Navi Mumbai

Thanks for the article that sent forth. But it is true that why God allows bad to his children? Is it God can do bad things and He is pleasing with bad things? That is really question of who faced accusation though they love God and doing the right life and ministry. But in another way the good person will reap the good fruit one day or another day.

Van Loek

Thank you so much for your study on death. I lost my 26 year old son in 2008. When he passed I screamed out "Praise God my baby is free". This was how I truly felt. I knew I would miss him, but death for him meant peace and love. Your study was so simple and clear.
        We as a society want to know so much. I don't think we are suppose to figure it all out. That is what "walking in faith is". You renewed my hope today. I feel God lead me to your study. I had not lost faith what so ever, but my grief began to take hold of me yet once again. Today, I celebrate not grieve.
In Christ's love

Niki Hill

Greetings, may we make a copy of your article on the blog for ours at narrowway2011.blogspot.com. Your article on the word church is fantastic. I feel the same way, it’s gotten far to political, I favor a return to the simplicity of a real undivided love and passion for truth.
        I see this with leadership as well, and personal responsibility, sadly the west has made it business, not good... thanks much. I would like to add this to our blog and as well reflecting the need for truth. We would be thankful. God bless. Hold fast to truth. Let us all be spirit-led and love as the Lord has us.

Franz Schulze

Thank you for Grace and Peace, I enjoy to read it, it’s very helpful for my spiritual life, may God bless you!

D. Isaac AGOLOM, Aftrica

I always apreciate your messages in Grace and Peace......

Klaus & Evangelina Döring, TEMPIO PAUSANIA (OT)

I was very impressed with this article on the church but was disappointed in the final paragraph, there r many good churches that show all the characteristics for-mentioned who work actively to support and help there community and show Christ qualities in their daily life. I hope that the author will find a church that shows the qualities that are believed to be invisible in the modern world, yes there are many people, churches and governing bodies who have strayed from the path of true Christian faith.
        The church of God is not lost, there is hope, the holy spirit moves and lives are being changed every day. ..... thank you once again for the article I am leading a bible study on the church ....and this is a good place to begin....pray that you will continue to teach, guide and bless people through your articles.

Michael Kirkham, Cumbria, UK.

Freedom of a Bond Slave ---Very inspiring articles

David Mathi



Ronson Silva.S,  India / Tunisia

This is not my comment only request, thelugu messages vonte upload cheyndanna nenu download chesukunta,I am from Alampuram GDM CHRISTIAN ASSEMBLY,at West Godavari district,Andhra Pradhesh.

Krupanandababu,   INDIA

Praise the Lord! This is very good site, it is very helpful to us, I pray Lord holy God use more your site. Amen. May I know in Mumbai this location situated where? I wanted to come and join you. Thanks! Praise the Lord.


This site is too inspiring. I got to know about the site when I was making research on a particular issue that was burdening me. Please I would like to appeal to the management, to send me some of their write up or teaching that will enhance my spiritual growth.

Ogo Sunday, Nigeria

My Dear brother in CHRIST, Warm Greetings to you in the most precious and worthy name of Christ our soon coming Lord. We moved from Nangal Dam to Dera bassi a new place for the Lord's work,one local brother dedicated himself for the Lord's service and now serving in Nangal. God has opened the door wonderfully in Dera bassi through one person to whom I shared the gospel 8 years before, this place is just 15 klm far from chandigarh city.

Larsen Lazar (Evg), MOHALI, PUNJAB, INDIA

Recently I came to know about this website and I noticed that lot of spiritual thoughts are there. It will be very useful to me to grow in spiritual life.I am very much interested in reading of e-periodicals. Kindly send me these articles. Presently I am working in a private company. I partake in Gingee Christian Assembly. (Ginge Port is a famous historic port.) Thank you. YOURS IN CHRIST


I am so much inspired with the Truth and words of wisdom that God gave you people.I am from the western part of Kenya I am near to a town known as Rongo .I am having my fellowship under shade of a Mango tree in my great grand father compound.May I hear from you,My greatest desire is to serve with you people to reach the forsaken in Kenya.

Calvince Osongo Oguta, Rongo, Kenya

The Lord has privileged me to write this prayerful email to you, for which I praise Him. I am John Moparthi from India. I visited your website and learned about you and your ministry. You are doing a great work for the Lord. The work you are doing is praiseworthy. People of God like you are really rare in these last days. I am sure that the Father is well pleased with you. I wholeheartedly praise the Lord for you and your wonderful ministry. May the Lord continue to use you more mightily for His glory!

John Moparthi, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA

I am thankful for the journal that I receive monthly that encourages me much for my ministry. I am Rev. V.T. Samuel, who newly starting Springforth Biblical Ministry, under this ministry, there is church planting, Harmon Dew Spiritual journal, and planning to have caring old aged group ministry. Therefore, I earnestly request to pray for the need of this ministry. Thanks to those who willingly participate in my request by prayer or any thing. With thanks,

Rev. V.T. Samuel, Springforth Biblical Ministry, Myanmar.

It is good. I would like to follow it

Daniel Ravinuthala, INDIA

Thank you very much for the site. I was looking up something on my mail until something inside of me said edification. I asked around for the meaning until strange enough, on the net my eyes went straight to your site and l have whatever l needed.I have already gone through the articles on christology.

Christopher Sakala, Zambia

I enjoyed the Indian brothers and sisters at the Marietta Bible Chapel when living in N. Atlanta, Georgia Now that I am back in Florida I miss this special brothers and sisters

Gerald Landis, USA

Dear Brethren Calvary greetings in Jesus's name. It's along period of time since you started to empower me through periodic news letters you are sending. I don't have a way i can say thank you for this wonderful material for it's so great. My special greetings also goes to br.Thomson Nelson who connected me .We are looking forward to meet you in the I.B.C.M 5 in France May the Lord continue to be with you in His labor 1 Cor-15:58 In Christ's love and mercy

Tumuheirwe Reuben Rukungiri, Uganda

I am a full time Commended worker in the Philippines. I appreciate very much the Grace and Peace Newsletter I received from time to time.

Joel V. Alviar, Philippines



I like this site.

Johnson S. lakeview, Baroda, India

Very nice website. A link has been added to believershome.com under Christian brethren and Various brethren ministries.

Mark Swaim USA

muchas grasias yo no se escribir en ingles pero si puedo leer bien por eso me gusta mucho cuando me mandan un e-mail de esta clase grasias Hermano Dios save cuanto necesito de estos mensajes Con Nuestro SAenor jesucristo todo es posible grasias Hermanos. Que Dios les siga vendiciendo y usando de gran manera en su ministerio


Thank you for Grace and Peace, I enjoy to read it, it’s very helpful for me, may God bless you!

D. Isaac AGOLOM , Africa

My name is Faisal. I am from Pakistan and I am working here for God. I would like to tell you that I visited your ministry website and I saw your ministry work .You are doing very nice work. I really like your work a lot. I would like to tell you that we will pray for you and your ministry work.
Our prayer is with you. You are so kind and good. I know God is very happy from you.God bless you and your ministry work.

Faisal Saleem, Pakistan

While I agree that the current use of the word "Church" is misleading (people tend to think or a church building or a network of local congregations who are linked together to form a denomination). I do not think "Assembly" as a better choice.

JND in his "New Translation" generally used the word "Assembly" to translate "ekklesia," but for a very long time the word "assembly" has been used in a sectarian sense. Thus "The Assemblies" is used by some people of Brethren heritage to delineate their particular network of congregations. Ironically, there are perhaps a dozen or more distinct groups (ranging from Exclusive Brethren to the Bakht Singh Assemblies and the Little Flock), some of them believing themselves to be the only true (or biblical) Christian communities.

I think that Tyndale, quite a while before the KJV (which was not, by the way, commissioned or ordered by any of the King Jameses), got it right when he used "congregation" to translate "ekklesia". This seems to me to best convey the biblical term (which is an OT as well as NT term [Acts 7:38]).

The term "assembly" today generally conveys a secular rather than biblical ideal (as in political or academic assemblies) or perhaps the name of a denomination (including the Assemblies of God and a host of other pentecostal 'assemblies.'

For what they are worth, these are my thoughts on the subject.

W. Ward Gasque, Richmond BC V7E 1S2, CANADA

I read your article last night again. It's good thoughts.Today the members who are uncircumcised in heart are growing in our local assemblies. Respond against this spiritual decay................... I pray for your such efforts through which you use your gifts to reveal spiritual truth to many........ God bless you .

A. C. Shaji, Damen, India

God is great and good friend. He gives salvation to all the sinners. Let us alert them as fast as possible.

John Sunil, Vijayawada, India

Useful site for sincere straightforward scriptural spiritual fellowship

HCLIM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I was looking for the definition of "edification" for business purpose. I couldn't find a better information because we are really nothing without God. Success comes for being with God and for being for God. Blessings!

Lila (Leela) Gilliam, Florida, USA

Thank you very much for the e-periodical. I enjoyed reading the truth in it. I am really concerned about the lack of teaching and learning about the doctrines of the church that the Lord has established. Many claim to have a great brethren heritage of knowing the Bible but have no interest in continuing that great heritage.

George Kurian, Dallas, USA

This is good teaching I have been looking for. I am blessed to have been led to this site. Thank you ever so much. God bless you.

Rosemary Nansubuga, Kampala, Uganda

Please be kind enough to mail me the importance of separation as on the net. God be with you all. Taru

Nayantara Fonseka, Colombo, Sri Lanka

I love this.

Milan Meiitei Pune, India

Thanks for adding me on the mailing list , I have been receiving periodical , it is indeed beneficial.

Vijayendra J. Thombre, Bethsedha Christian Believer's Assembly Pune, India

Thank you for sending this wonderful data. Please do send me more of such things. May the Lord's name be praised., it is indeed beneficial.
Yours affectionately,

Nigel Simoes, Pune, India

Thanks for your e-ministry, it is really encouraging and cover the relevant issue. The e-letter "Grace & peace" is so wonderful! God use this means to get His message among the people. Please do remember me and my family in your prayers. Thank you..... Yours in His service

Ajesh Thomas Cheruvathur, Cheruvathur House, India

Praise the Lord. I would like to express my thanks to the Lord for giving you the vision and ability in this ministry.

I am very much interested with your site, especially news and events, articles, meditation. If Lord will give me his strength, I would like to translate these into Malayalam and I think it is helpful to others to lead a powerful Christian life. So I beg your permission and suggestions to do the same.
Please add prayer matters and current news of our brethren family. It helps to pray without ceasing

Sabu varghese, Kerala, India

I do really enjoy 'GRACE &PEACE'. Thank you for the profitable ministry.

David Salve ,   Colorado, USA

It is again a great pleasure for me to receive your teaching. Thank you very much brothers and sisters in Christ. It is always a delicious meal for my soul; So may God bless you. Now, God give us the privilege to welcome in our home a brother from India, JOY M.A. and he is here for 2 weeks. And we pray God for all his teachings, a blessing for us.

RAZAFINTSAMBAINA Serge ,   Madagascar

We really appreciate your electronic newsletter/magazine. It always has interesting and profitable articles. Good job! Maranatha,

Dr. George Sturm,   Albania

So much encouraging spiritual truths.


Am in the process of knowing this ministry in a better way. May God bless all your efforts.

David Joseph, Sancoale
Goa, India

I am Evg. Rathna Kumar. Since 10 years working for the Gospel of God. We have churches in deferent Villages. I Need Bibles and some books if possible send me; I have library and many friends, pastors and believers coming. So I need books and Bibles and your encouragement. Pleas Pray for Us. We are praying.

Rathna Kumar, BELLARY
Karnataka, India

Thank you for the wonderful message, (‘Grace & Peace’ Issue No. 066 ). May God bless you with all your hearts desire for his glory. Love.

Thomas Jacob, India

Thanks for the e-Magzine.(Issue No.066 ) It was really worth-full spiritually and also helpful to know the prayer matters of the country. Thanking you once again

Ajay C Magar, Pune

Excellent and Encouraging. May the Lord help you to be more useful to His people in the days to come. I feel the guidance of the Lord in this work. God bless you.


I enjoyed reading the perspective - Competitive extravaganza. I hope and desire that many of us (including myself) refuse the extravaganzas in our life, and live simple. This will be our greatest contribution towards our children’s' Christian living. No 'separation' is possible without a simple living.

Samkutty Georege, Abu Dhabi

Dear Brethren in the Lord,
I read always with much interest your news & views. Today I have put a link to you in my English link page. I enclose my last newsletter. May be you would also like to take a look to http://www.chiesacristiana.info/missione/missione.html although it is in Italian. It is about our work in ______________ among __________ children some brethren assemblies sustain. I have been once in _________to overview the work. We are paying for the children in ________. Sincerely

Klaus & Evangelina Döring, Tempio Pausania (OT), Italy

I am amazed to see the transformation of Grace and Peace ministry which began from a humble e-periodical to a Web based full fledged ministry now. Praise Lord for it. Good to see use of Net a powerful media which can be accessed globally to be used for reaching the unreached with the Word of God. Its my prayer that the Lord use you all i.e. 'The Team of Peace and Grace' for His glory in a mighty way in times to come. Congratulations!!!

Vijay Borde, Dubai, UAE

Thank you for ministering through Grace & Peace.

Dr. George Sturm, Albania

Thank you for sharing God's Word with others. Your website is very help to me. With your permission, I would like to share this information on "Spiritual Edification" with the Music Ministry at the church I attend. We are getting ready for a Music Ministry Workshop and this is an area that I have been focusing on.

Again, thank you for the blessing of God's Word. YOU BE BLESSED!!

B Lena, USA

Thanks for the message. It was great to read and understand about Partnership. Hope to Keep in Touch.

Ling Kee, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

A good start. Contents are fine and proper. But you must definitely improve the design of the website in terms of presentation, colour, text font, logo, picture etc. Because you need to stand a chance against the many similar websites. And people need to visit yours-Right??

Nathanael Jacob, Mumbai

I checked your website, and I appreciate the effort that you have put in to begin this new website. It is indeed a blessing to read the wonderful doctrines about our teachings. I just have a small suggestion that please update the latest news about our Christian believers. With love and prayer.

Liju George Sakinaka Mumbai- 59

Warm greetings and Christian love. We praise God for all you are doing for His name's sake and the way He is using you. We thank you for the newsletter Grace and Peace, it has been a great blessing to us. Its in-depth spiritual lessons have taken us to another level. We are seeing the hand of God working mightily in our midst as we seek to serve Him.

Johnson Mwebembezi, Uganda

I visited your website. It is attractively designed. I believe many people will be drawn to its content. Your article about the origin of man is also well done for a common reader. I found it very informative. May be I can suggest a small change.

Johnson George, Canada

Excellent beginning, May the good Lord bless your efforts. Our prayers are with you.

Sam Mathew, Mumbai, India

Really good for Spiritual material. I found this in Orkut profiles and communities.

M. Dayakar, A.P India

The website looks really good; I like it. Very easy to navigate. It is attractive also.

Susan George, USA

Congratulations for the success. I thank GOD for his mercy and grace. I have seen the site. Also informed my friends about it. Its really nice to have such an ACCESS so easily. GOD will help to grow it further.

Anand Tadke, Maharashtra, India

I visited your site. What is there, nothing! We have wonderful sites like, ‘Precious Seed’, ‘Uplook Magazine’ etc.

Rajan A, Mumbai, India

May God Almighty enable you to propagate His mighty word to all the people around the universe.

Henry Sam, Bahrain

The website is very attractive, and it will be very much benificial for believers. I am very happy to see that our church has our own website,
it will be very usefull for me.

Daniel Mani, INS, India

I would like to appreciate the effort taken by the brethren in creating a Christian website based on New Testament principles. Articles given are very encouraging and helped me in my Christian living. My personal prayer is that this site 'Grace n Peace' will remain a blessing for many.

JESSON KOSHY, Mumbai, India