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Facebook could take away our joy!

     Social net working sites have become an integral part of many people. Countless have found it the best way to keep in touch with their dear ones. Facebook has even, helped many old friends to connect again.

       But according to a recent study Facebook use does not improve the level of our satisfaction, on the contrary the more one spent time with Facebook, their level of happiness and satisfaction declined.

       Dr. Ethan Kros of the University of Michigan and Dr. Philippe Verduyan of Leuven University in Belgium studied 82 young volunteers. They studied the state of their mind and social relationships during the two weeks Facebook usage. They found that those who spent more time with this social net work site had deterioration in their well-being than those who used less.

       Anything in excess is not good. Especially believers, as we have so many things to do, it’s not wise to spent unreasonable time with anything, however harmless it may seem to be. 1Cori 9: 25 – 27.


HT 17 & 18 / 8/ 2013.


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