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Archbishop Gives Confidence to homosexuals!

      Around a month ago two catholic priests in Mumbai, during their sermon described homosexuality as a great sin and gay marriage as against the church. Some church members complained to the Archbishop and now he responded to them sympathetically. He wrote, “The church does not accept gay marriage because the Bible teaches us that God willed marriage to be between man and woman. On the other hand to say that those with other sexual orientations are sinners is wrong…… I will advise my priests.”

       Gay activists lauded archbishop’s stand. “We are grateful to the church for categorically stating that they are not against homosexuality” said an activist. “It gives me confidence as a member of the church that I will not be discriminated against”, commended another parishioner.

       Few weeks ago when Pope Francis said, “If some one is gay and seeks the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge”, the media and gay activists took it as an encouragement for homosexuals.

       Good, that Archbishop does follow the Bible on marriage, however ignore the Biblical teaching on homosexuality. Its true God loves any sinner including homosexuals, but He hates their sin and righteously punishes too. Homosexuality, according to the Bible is one of the worst evil that caused many society and nations for their destruction. Cf. Genesis 19: 4 – 28; Romans 1:24 – 27; 1 Coint 6: 9 – 11.

       Today, through Christ they can come to the Lord, not to continue in their wicked practice but to repent and forsake their evil way to lead a new life.

       (According to the latest News Report by AP, Pope Francis warns the Roman Catholic Church to deal with the issue of abortion, gay marriage etc in a balanced manner, if not the moral edifice of the church might fall like a house of cards. It seems many more can rejoice and be confident!)


HT. 9 & 20/9/13


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