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Studentís Internet addiction

      According to a recent study among 987 college students in Mumbai, 24.8% were found as possible addicts and 0.7% was addicts to the internet. The researchers found that students who used internet moderately were healthier than the others, physically, mentally, socially and in general health parameters.

       Compared to the moderate net users, the others were more depressed and suffering from anxiety. Their report says excessive internet use may affect social life and occupational life of an individual as well.

       Just recently only in another study the researchers found, too much facebook use destroys the happiness and satisfaction of the net user.

       Any thing in excess is not good for a healthy life, whether physically or spiritually. We need to learn use technology without abusing it. 1Cori 7: 31; 9: 25 Ė 27.


HT 15/9/13


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