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Christians: a shrinking minority in India?

      Finally the government of India released the religion wise data from the 2011 census. According to this statistics, the population of India grew 17.7% in the last decade (2001 – 2011). Hindu growth is 16.7% and their number today is 96.63cr (79.8%); Muslims grew 24.6% and their present number is 17.22cr (14.2%); Growth rate of Christian is 15.5% and their total number is 2.78cr (2.3%).

       Definitely in the coming days each community in India will take up this data for their own agenda, especially due to the coming elections in different states. Leaders of the ruling party used every opportunity to present the population growth of certain communities as a threat to the majority. (Already one of their leaders have called upon the governement to make a law to punish the families of one community if they give birth to a third child!) In some so-called Christian dominated states either there is a slow growth or even a reverse is seen.

       Hindustan Times editorial concludes like this, “Smaller groups such as Sikhs, Christians, and whose proportion in the population has either shrunk or not changed, run the risk of becoming forgotten minorities as Muslim members grow.” HT 27/8/15

       What should be the Christian response to this data from 2011 census? Can we just satisfy ourselves that drop in population growth is the evidence of higher educational level, progress and modern outlook. Let us also consider the difficulty some countries are facing: elderly and too many and youth very few!

       Let us ponder over the words of the creator, “And God blessed them. And God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it…. “Gen 1:28

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News Courtesy: Hindustan Times 26/8/15


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