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No TV Day

Hindustan Times, one of the leading English Dailies in India is organizing a No TV Day in Mumbai on January 29, 2011. Their effort is to encourage the people of Mumbai to spend their time productively rather than wasting before the idiot box.

        Through sustained campaign they could mobilize large number of people like students, teachers, parents etc to find out alternative mode of entertainment like reading, socializing, sightseeing etc. So many have already pledged their support to this initiative.

        No doubt, most people are aware of the ill effects of uncontrolled use of Television, particularly with the young generation. Not only for just one day, it should be an every day habit. Another truth is that, today not only TV that takes away our time. All these TV programs and much more are available through internet.

        So, similar carefulness must be taken in using the internet, mobile phones etc. Any thing in excess is bad for a healthy life.

1Corinthians 7:30, 31




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