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Ministry or Merchandising

 Summary: - It is a blessed privilege to be associated with the ‘business' of the Almighty God. But the sad and shocking thing is, many Christian ministries blindly adopt the style of the market of this world!

World of Market

        Its business every where! It seems the whole world is moving in relation to the market. Everything is connected to economy. It is an open fact that the secret behind regional, national and international alliances are trade and profit. Principles and natural justice are taken a back for revenue.

        What should be the underlying principle that should govern the work of the Lord? Is it market and returns? Is the Lord's work more market oriented today? It is natural; the concern of businessmen is to invest money, time and energy to earn more money.

        But Christian ministry can never be seen as a source to generate wealth. We invest our time, talent, money and energy for the Lord and the gospel, not expecting monetary returns. It is a contradiction and a shame to make a business out of the Lord's work.

God loved to give

        God so loved the world to give His only begotten son. The Lord Jesus came to give. He has asked us to give freely for you have received freely. Matthew 10:8 He said who ever try to save will lose it. Matthew.16:25. He rebuked those who made the house of God a source to generate income. Matthew.21:13

        Apostles forsook all what they had and followed the Lord. Once Peter did ask, “Behold, we have forsaken all, and followed thee; what shall we have therefore?” Matthew. 19:27. The Lord clearly stated there, that for His name and the gospel we have to give up many things. Cf. Mark 10:29

        ‘Spend', ‘loss', ‘disburse' and ‘give out' are supposed to be the buzzing words for Christian ministry. Paul says, “I will very gladly spend and be spent for you.” 2Corinthains. 12:15

God gives to give

        From where do we get to spend for the Lord? In the Lord's reply to Peter He did indicate that. He said the true and final reward is in eternity yet along with persecution He will make provision here too. He also referred to the unique standard in compensating for the servants-the first will be the last and the last first. In other words God's provision is not based on human logic. He is not a debtor to any body.

        It is a privilege to be in the service of the Lord. It is an honour to the Lord to trust Him alone for our supply. Our concern should never be the provision but faithful discharge of our duty entrusted. He will see to it that we have the means in time. As the great missionary Hudson Taylor said, God's work; done in God's way never lack God's supply .”

        The issue in the Lord's work is not that what we will get but what He will get. Our aim in ministry ought to be profit for the people , investment for eternity and returns for the Lord .


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