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Studies & articles on spiritual growth- that can build you up in Christian life -to be strong and matured.

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Persecution and Christians    It seems that Christians today in India are facing a new wave of persecution. It’s not only about one country; all over the world, Christians are being persecuted. In this regard, let's consider eight things.

END TIME BIBLE PROPHECIES    A list of Biblical prophecies prophesied more than 2000 years ago. Some already fulfilled, and some are being fulfilled today. It shows the uniqueness of the Bible and signs for the end time.

NEED PRAYER WARRIORS IN THE CHURCH    “God does nothing without prayer”, said John Wesley. Author encourages the people of God every where to pray more in these last days.

An introduction to the book of Timothy:   Part of a series of studies on 1Timothy

PRAYER IN THE CHURCH:   A study based on 1TIMOTHY 2: 1 – 8


The Beginning of the Church    - The New Testament very clearly differentiates between the church and Israel. A study on the formation of the Church helps us to rightly understand God's plan for Israel as well as the Church.

‘Church’ vs. ‘Assembly’    A detailed study on the word 'ekklesia' and 'church'.

What is Church?    One of the most misunderstood biblical terms. Right understanding of Church as revealed in the Bible helps us to examine our position with the Church of Christ. A study

Threefold duties of a Christian    Study based on 1 Peter 1:13—17. Apostle Peter encourages the suffering, scattered saints not only to rejoice in their great salvation, but also to act accordingly. .

The Greatness of Salvation    Study based on 1 Peter 1:10—12. The writer takes up salvation in detail and explains how it’s so unique, to prove that the reader’s are so privileged and must keep on rejoicing. .

Christian Joy in the midst of trials.    A study based on 1 Peter 1:6—9. True Christian living is a joyful life irrespective of the painful situations we go through. Suffering is part of Christian life, so is happiness.

Fourfold great works of God.    A study on 1Peter1:3—5, considering the wonderful works God does in our lives, in His great mercy

The process of our redemption.   A study of 1Peter 1: 2    The procedure by which God’s election and purposes are fulfilled in our life.

Two encouraging truths about Christians   A study of 1Peter 1:1, 2    Two facts - pilgrim status as well as the elected position-that can encourage us to face difficulties in life.

Honorable behavior in our workplace    A study of 1Peter 2:18 --25    Christian’s behaviour in the workplace must be characterized by submissiveness.

Honourable Conduct in the Society    A study of 1Peter 2:13--17    A believer’s conduct should be excellent everywhere. As law abiding citizens they must be submissive to the authorities

Honorable Conduct of a Christian    A study of 1Peter 2:11, 12    We are different, our way of life / behaviour is special. Our ownership and citizenship demand it. 2 pages

Our Spiritual Privileges and duties A study of 1 Peter 2: 9—10 We are a chosen race, royal priesthood, holy nation and God's own possession. Such a wonderful position has equal duty too. 3 pages

Our Privileges in Christ and His Qualities A study of 1 Peter 2: 4—8    The Person of Christ as a stone and the blessings we get as we go to Him. 6 pages

Features of a Growing Christian    A study of 1 Peter 1:22—2:3    A growing, healthy Christian is marked by sincere love, pure life and a craving for the word of God. 2 pages

Local Churches & Growing persecution       Argument against the need for ‘federation' by independent local churches in India in order to present a forceful united voice to Government authorities.

Local Churches: Autonomy and Authority       A detailed study on the New Testament Churches, emphesizing the autonomy

The Humanity of Christ.       The Lord Jesus Christ was not only perfect God, but He was also perfect Man a detailed study on His humanity. 7 Pages

The Deity of Christ.       Seven reasons why we believe that Jesus Christ is God Almighty. 4 Pages

Why should you know more about Christ?       10 results of knowing Christ more. 5 Pages

The truth of separation.       Why should a christian live a separted life?

The area of separation.       The area where a christian should maintain separation?

The extent of separation.       The level in which we should maintain separation?

Christian and the world.       Four important things about the world.

Six things about a Christian and the world.       The Lord refers to some important truths about our relation with this world.

How to live a separated life in this world?      what shall we do as we continue in this wicked world?

The Ground of Separation.       On what basis shall we maintain separation? Is it because we are better than others?

Spiritual Edification:-       Meaning, Importance & the Method

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