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Studies & Articles

The following articles / studies are available in this website. Some of the topics are dealt with in detail, using many pages. For brief messages as well as comments on important world news refer Meditations and News .


Light Alone Prevents Darkness    Bro. Joy exhorts Christians everywhere to reflect the light of Christ to the dark world.

Spiritual Lessons from Covid-19    Bro. Sajeet Samuel tells us how we can draw lessons for spiritual life from the way we are responding to covid – 19 pandemic.

Divine Perception of this World    In the midst of unprecedented uncertainties and turmoil around us, consider three important things about the world.

A Tribute: Lewis James Samraj (3rd April 1930 – 16th July 2021)    He was not just an able Bible teacher and preacher, but one who was absolutely committed to the New Testament church principles.

Do not be just a Recipient, be a Giver too    Writer is calling upon believers to sympathize with the suffering people and comfort them.

Believer’s Freedom in Christ    An analysis of Christian's freedom in Christ which is the real freedom unlike the political freedom in India.

Beware, Selective Justice Everywhere    A biblical response to recent death of Father Stan Swamy and demolition of a church building in New Delhi

Christ Our Sympathizer    Beloved, rejoice, our Lord lives to empathize and help. He can save us to the uttermost. Go to Him at any time to receive mercy and obtain much grace. (Hebrews 4:16; 7:25)

Our Security: Christ’s Concern, John 17: 11, 12, 15    What wonderful privilege a believer in Christ has! In spite of all the adverse circumstances around us, we have no need to be worried about tomorrow or even the days ahead. Our well-being is in Christ’s hands.

Road to Restoration and Revival, 2Chro 7: 13, 14    God’s own counsel to King Solomon, how to respond when divine chastening take place.... Be ready to correct the fault wherever it is, even if it has been introduced by the strong and influential ones..

The Mind of Christ: The Believer’s Privilege 1Cor. 2:16c    God’s people can maintain a divine thinking pattern and practically experience and enjoy the blessedness of having the mind of Christ.

Believers’ Penetrating Vision Heb. 11:13    One of the features of true faith life is the ability to see what is invisible. Let us consider three wonderful outcomes of such a magnifying spiritual viewpoint.

Divine Presence in the Midst of Uncertainties    God’s unfailing presence with the people of God is a reassuring reality. In the midst of all the unprecedented and uncertain developments around us we can hold on to the promise of our Lord Jesus to His disciples, "lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age". Matthew 28:20b

“If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear!" Mark 7:16    Five lessons based on the phrase Christ used repeatedly during the His public Ministry.

The Anguish and Assurance of Aspah: Psalm 74 – a meditation    Lessons based on Psalm 74 where we see the anguish of Asaph, his appeal and assurances. These are very much relevant for today as we are facing unprecedented troubles because of Covid 19 pandemic.

  Brethren - a collection of articles written by Dr. Justus Samuel covering various asepctes of Brethren Assembly life in India, particularly, Kerala in pdf

When Trials Come!    In the context of covid pandemic and the related sufferings so many are facing today the author finds biblical answers to comfort the hearts of all the grieved ones

Corona Pandemic – learn from Israel’s wilderness life    In the background of Corona pandemic the author call up on Christians to get up and full the will of God in their life instead of enjoying life as earlier

Danger of formalism: Spirituality without Reality    About the ritualistic religious services that does not affect internal spiritual life then it is formalism which has no substance at all

A believer’s Response to unprecedented Calamities    In view of the latest global pandemic the writer calling upon Christian believers everywhere to search the Bible and return to God

“Dead still speaks” – Four Things Allen Chau tells us    Lessons based on the martyrdom of 26 year old Canadian young evangelist in the North Sentinal Island

Persecution and Christians    It seems that Christians today in India are facing a new wave of persecution. It’s not only about one country; all over the world, Christians are being persecuted. In this regard, let's consider eight things.

Ten things about confession    Whether a sinner or saved believer, while confessing their sins needs to understand few biblical truths related to confession.For a born again child of God confession is needed to mend or strengthen fellowship. Find ‘confession’ explained very briefly according to the Bible.

Eleven Things about Salvation according to the Bible    As in the case of many other biblical terms ‘salvation’ also is a confused concept for many. A clear understanding of salvation as revealed in the pages of the Holy Bible not only helps us to be assured of our salvation as God intended, but also save ourselves from false confidence. Consider few important things about salvation very briefly.

'You must be born again.' John 3:7    "You must be born again" - this is not the idea of any man. The Lord Jesus who loved us and came to die on our behalf emphatically declares this. Without this experience no amount of religious activities can help us once we leave this shore.

ENJOY TRUE FREEDOM    Even as we celebrate our political freedom, let us examine for a while, are we freed indeed? Lasting freedom in all true sense can be achieved only by experiencing deliverance from the bondage of sin and Satan.

An index to the LIFE & TEACHINGS OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST    The four gospel writers give us a complete picture of His life, works and teachings. In these pages we try to make these writings simple by classifying his teachings and explaining His story.

Twleve things involved in our salvation- 2. Justification    A clear comprehension of justification helps a believer very much in enjoying and living out the work of salvation God has wrought in His life.

Twleve things involved in our salvation - 1 Election    God’s saving work in an individual involves many things, not just rescuing us from the coming judgment. There are many other things into which a believer enters as soon as he believes the gospel.

'NOW'- YOU CAN BE SAVED    It’s most unfortunate that a large number of people in the Christian community have yet to experience the joy and assurance of salvation of their souls.This booklet explains, how you can attain salvation NOW, based on the Holy Bible.

THE TEACHINGS OF CHRIST & THE PRESNT WORLD    A special message, calling upon Christians everywhere to seriously consider the satanic opposition to Christ and His people and do the needful.

Seven Basic Facts to Understand the Bible Well    7 fundamental facts that will help one to understand the Holy Bible more easily and meaningfully.

END TIME BIBLE PROPHECIES    A list of Biblical prophecies prophesied more than 2000 years ago. Some already fulfilled, and some are being fulfilled today. It shows the uniqueness of the Bible and signs for the end time.

NEED PRAYER WARRIORS IN THE CHURCH    “God does nothing without prayer”, said John Wesley. Author encourages the people of God every where to pray more in these last days.

SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP – Master’s style:-    Author looks to the leadership style of the Lord Jesus Christ as an example for leaders in the local assemblies today.

An introduction to the book of Timothy:   Part of a series of studies on 1Timothy

PRAYER IN THE CHURCH:   A study based on 1TIMOTHY 2: 1 – 8


Fifteen Facts about the Lord’s Work    Basic truths about christian ministry that many misunderstand and some others misuse. Easly readable simple points.

SALVATION IN VARIOUS DISPENSATIONS    Study series on Salvation part no. 8. What about those who lived before Christ came to die for our sins!

THE CHANNEL OF SALVATION    The work of salvation is complete, yet not all are saved automatically. True saving faith involves conviction, confession and conversion.

The Beginning of the Church    - The New Testament very clearly differentiates between the church and Israel. A study on the formation of the Church helps us to rightly understand God's plan for Israel as well as the Church.

The basis of salvation    - On what basis God saves those who trust Christ. what exactly happened on the cross of Calvary.

Eleven things about Christian Baptism    Eleven important things about Christian Baptism. Summarized study notes covering most aspects of baptism.

Four Practical Principles on Evangelism    Training is necessary, qualification is good, but in spite of all what we are and what we have learnt, we can do nothing by ourselves . He has to work in and through us.

The Way of Salvation    The ways of salvation as man tried his best.

A death towards Life -    Significance of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ The uniqueness of Christ extends even to His death and beyond.

Salvation - The Need    Bible very clearly says that as far as His spiritual life is concerned, man is in a dangerous condition. He may not be aware of it.

Salvation: - According to the New Testament    Third part of the study on salvation, how does the New Testament reveals the doctrine of Salvation accomplished through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Salvation: - According to the Old Testament    Second part of the study on salvation, how does the Old Testament reveals this truth'.

Salvation: - According to the Bible    Introducing a detailed study on Salvation. How others look at it.

Our Redemption – A motivating factor.    A study on 1 Peter 1:18—21.

‘Church’ vs. ‘Assembly’    A detailed study on the word 'ekklesia' and 'church'.

What is Church?    One of the most misunderstood biblical terms. Right understanding of Church as revealed in the Bible helps us to examine our position with the Church of Christ. A study

Fifteen Facts about Death    Sooner or later we will have to face it. Then its better, today itself, know more about death, and find the best way to prepare for it. (Summarized points )

Twelve unique features of the Gospel of Jesus Christ    Important plain truths about the gospel of Jesus Christ. (Summarized points )

“Be Saved” Acts 2:40c - Peter’s Passionate Call    A meditation on the main theme of the first Christian sermon.

Threefold duties of a Christian    Study based on 1 Peter 1:13—17. Apostle Peter encourages the suffering, scattered saints not only to rejoice in their great salvation, but also to act accordingly. .

Eight important things about Marriage & Family    Another topic in the ‘plain truth’ series. Some basic truths on marrige & family based on the New Testament, without much explanation. .

GOSPEL & CULTURE    Bro. Felix Muchimba (Zambia) gives some summarized points on presenting the gospel to Africans considering their specific cultrue. Applicable for any other land. .

The Greatness of Salvation    Study based on 1 Peter 1:10—12. The writer takes up salvation in detail and explains how it’s so unique, to prove that the reader’s are so privileged and must keep on rejoicing. .

Christian Joy in the midst of trials.    A study based on 1 Peter 1:6—9. True Christian living is a joyful life irrespective of the painful situations we go through. Suffering is part of Christian life, so is happiness.

Eight things about God’s Love.    A gospel message based on John 3:16. God’s love is unique, universal, unmerited, and personal. It’s saving, sacrificial and demands just one thing....

Ten Timeless Truths about the Bible    Some unique and amazing features of this holy book challenge us to read and benifit.

Some Unique facts about the Church    22 summarized points on the Church of Jesus Christ found in the Bible. Very useful for further study.

Fourfold great works of God.    A study on 1Peter1:3—5, considering the wonderful works God does in our lives, in His great mercy

True & Abounding Love    Evangelist David Joseph Goa, explains what is real and lasting love as revealed in the Lord Jeusus Christ.

The process of our redemption.   A study of 1Peter 1: 2    The procedure by which God’s election and purposes are fulfilled in our life.

Two encouraging truths about Christians   A study of 1Peter 1:1, 2    Two facts - pilgrim status as well as the elected position-that can encourage us to face difficulties in life.

Honorable behavior in our workplace    A study of 1Peter 2:18 --25    Christian’s behaviour in the workplace must be characterized by submissiveness.

Honourable Conduct in the Society    A study of 1Peter 2:13--17    A believer’s conduct should be excellent everywhere. As law abiding citizens they must be submissive to the authorities

Who is this Jesus anyway? Was He real or just a myth? Does it matter to own or disown Him? Any normal man should have the curiosity to know more than the passing knowledge of who this man was, and why such a passion towards things to do with Him?

LEADER AND HIS RELATIONSHIPS Study on leader's relationships. With out having a right relationship with God, family and believers, ministry can not be effective or blessed by God. 3 pages

Honorable Conduct of a Christian. A study of 1Peter 2:11, 12    A Christian can not live in any way as it seems good to him. He can not imitate his past life style, or the trend seen around him. . 2 pages

Features of a Growing Christian. A study of 1 Peter 1:22—2:3 Growth is a natural result of life. Just as we expect a normal growth in proportion to the age, every born again child of God should grow in his / her spiritual life. 2 pages

Our Spiritual Privileges and duties A study of 1 Peter 2: 9—10    We are a chosen race, royal priesthood, holy nation and God's own possession. Such a wonderful position has equal duty too. 3 pages

Our Privileges in Christ and His Qualities A study of 1 Peter 2: 4—8    The Person of Christ as a stone and the blessings we get as we go to Him. 6 pages

Leader and the Enemy. A study presented at an Assembly Leader's Conference in Maharashtra, India. Deals with some important area where Christian leaders tend to fail!

THE FAITHFULNES OF GOD An encouraging truth about our God. He is unchanging. He keeps His word. A detailed study.

The Humanity of Christ The Lord Jesus Christ was not only perfect God, but He was also perfect Man a detailed study on His humanity. 7 Pages

Local Churches & Growing persecution Argument against the need for ‘federation' by independent local churches in India in order to present a forceful united voice to Government authorities.

Autonomy & Authority  A detailed study on the local church according to the New Testament. Timely study on a very important truth, which many tend to ignore today. 11 pages

The truth of separation.   A detailed study on Christian believer's separated life in this world. What is the world and how should we respond to the system of this world. The reasons, the area, the extent and the result of living a separated life, are dealt with in detail. 7 pages

Spiritual Edification Do not be just satisfied with the experience of salvation. We need to grow, move forward. God has just begun a good work, still much more to be done. The Meaning, Importance & the Means of edification. 4 pages

Ministry or Merchandising It is a blessed privilege to be associated with the ‘business' of the Almighty God. But the sad and shocking thing is, many Christian ministries blindly adopt the style of the market of this world!

The man whom God will use. What made God to use Joshua as a mighty leader and warrior for Israel after Moses? Lessons for aspiring leaders.

Ministry & leadership: An introduction       A brief note on the importance and meaning of Christian leadership.

The Deity of Christ. Seven reasons why we believe that Jesus Christ is God Almighty.

Know more about Christ. 11 Biblical reasons to study more about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Heaven & Its Features. A brief study on heaven- the hope of a Christian.

Hell & Its Features. A brief study on the place that God prepared for the fallen angels.

Devil & Demons A study on Satan and his activities. It is important know our enemy to stand against his tactics. 3 pages

Why am I here? The meaning of life is lost without a definite aim in life. A study on the purpose of man's life. 3 pages

Where am I come from? A brief study on the origin of man. 3 pages

Seeking Actual Love. A message for those who were seeking love

Faith Under trial. The reasons why God tests our faith. Different aspects of faith.

A New Beginning. You can start all over again. It is not the end of life. Read it carefully to know how to experience a fresh start in life. 5 pages


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