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News & Views

Our effort through this section is to highlight news that matters to Christian believers around world.
Either it affirms our faith, encouraging us to hold on to the Lord or it is a warning to us to take care.
If any reader gets across such information, please feel free to pass it on to us.
You can write to infoATgracepeace.net or to any other email id found in this website.

Nurse in UK dismissed for church-visit tip to patients.

According to Press Trust of India, an Indian – origin nurse in Britain has been dismissed for suggesting during a training session that patients could reduce stress by going to church.

       Anand Rao, 71 who has been a nurse for over 40 years in the National Health Service in Leicester, reportedly made the comment during a role-play training session in which people played patients with life-threatening conditions.

       He told a woman playing a heart patient that she should go to church to alleviate stress. He was suspended by the NHS Trust after course director complained, and was later dismissed after a disciplinary hearing.

       Rao told the local media that “this was a theoretical exercise, a role-play, not real patients – it’s unbelievable that this could end the way it has. This is all very upsetting.”

       Yes, it is ‘unbelievable’, the land from where thousands of men and women went all over the world to share the gospel of Christ finds it a crime now, even to make a suggestion of going to churh!

( 7/6/09 )

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