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Our effort through this section is to highlight news that matters to Christian believers around world.
Either it affirms our faith, encouraging us to hold on to the Lord or it is a warning to us to take care.
If any reader gets across such information, please feel free to pass it on to us.
You can write to infoATgracepeace.net or to any other email id found in this website.

Homosexuality in India Decriminalized

Finally the homosexuals and their supporters in India are rejoicing. On July 2, 2009 an Indian High court decriminalized homosexual acts between consenting adults. Court declared that the 150 year old law (IPC 377) is unconstitutional; the provisions violated the fundamental rights of sexual minorities to life, liberty and equality.

         When the home ministry argued that homosexuality is a mental disease, the judges said, it was just another expression of human sexuality.

         The supporters say that it is a visionary judgment and court recognized that India is changing. They argue that by legalizing homosexuality it will boost to the fight against HIV as Gays will have better access to health care and counseling. They say that the law has no business interfering in people's personal lives or deciding whom one can desire or choose to love.

         The media too is so happy. One English Daily devoted more than three pages on this news item! Their point is, India can now be counted as a progressive country which honors human rights. ....Thousands of gays and lesbians are living with pride and gaining acceptance in their homes and work place.'

         The gay activists are not satisfied by this much, they want gay marriages to be legalized and another law to be passed which will term ridiculing or disrespecting gays as a punishable offence!

         What more can Indians expect in their pathway to progress! They consider that the developed nations have done it, then why not we follow it. Yes, but India should also expect more broken families, single parents, orphaned children and a confused or perverted young generation as we see in the so-called developed nations.

         Definitely, any country that violates the law of the creator must face the consequences, whether it is in the form of climate change, global warming or degrading of the values in the society.

         The judgment and related reports suggests that many misunderstand and misuse sex and love. It is a dangerous trend and believers need to educate the present generation on Biblical values.

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