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Minister Removes Convocation Robe

Indian Environment Minister Shri. Jairam Ramesh removed the convocation gown that he was wearing saying, ‘why we stick to this barbaric colonial relics’. He was addressing students at the seventh convocation of the Indian Institute of Forest Management in Bhopal, India.

        “Why we cannot have a convocation in simple dress instead of coming dressed up as medieval vicars and popes”, he asked before removing his robe.

        Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar commented, “It’s an attempt to break tradition” and called for a national debate.

        What these ministers refer is in connection with the convocation ceremony of secular institutions in India. We don’t want to make any comment on that issue.

        But what about the practices followed by Bible Institutes run by those who claim to hold on to the New Testament truth?

        Years ago certain godly men who chose to follow the New Testament Church principles and practices removed their traditional robes and began to serve the Lord wearing normal, simple dress. But today their descendants borrow gowns from the same people whom they consider as ‘unbelievers’ or ‘unspiritual men’!

        Some body would now suggest, 'if one can wear a robe once in a year, why not every week! Any function / service with a colorful gown will definitely add some style and effect'!!!

Judges 2:10—14


HT 3/4/2010

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