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Dress Code in Goa Beaches

Goa, in the western India is one of the most famous tourist destinations. Traditionally people of Goa are tolerant to western style of dress, but recently many political leaders began to raise their voice against ‘the foreigners parading themselves half naked in the costal villages’. They demanded a “minimum dress code” for foreign tourists.

        Recently the Tourism department of Goa published a booklet of ‘do’s and ‘don’t for tourists visiting the state. The book tells the tourists to bear in mind the ‘local, religious and other sensibilities’. And advices the foreign tourists to take local advice if they have any doubt on dress code.

        Well known for tolerating ‘informal European dresses’ in the beaches of Goa, it seems now the tourists here have crossed every limit!

        There are many who hate even the words ‘dress code’! They say it is their freedom to wear anything as they like. Some consider wearing revealing dress is a sign of 'modernism' and covering body is 'old-fashioned'!

        One thing is very clear from these developments in Goa; it is very hard to control the cravings of fallen man. In committing wickedness and enjoying evil, man will always go to the extreme limit. Sin nature in him / her always demands more and more, never gets satisfied. That’s why a boundary is necessary for sinful man.

        Not only in the beaches of Goa but also everywhere, we need a dress code. At least God’s people should take heed!


HT 13/3/2010

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