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TV ads prompt Children eat unhealthy foods

T elevision’s bad effect on children is well-known. Two recent studies in India once again confirm it and urge parents to even thinking of turning off TV!

        They found that processed food advertisements are flooding children’s channels. In the month of April alone, 44, 887 such ads were aired on four major children’s channels. That has boosted the demand for such food items among children and results in increased lethargy, diabetes and obesity among kids.

        “Kids are easy targets. You get a popular celebrity or a dancing cartoon to gobble unhealthy foods and kids are bound to demand it.” adds an expert.

        Not only in relation to food habits, Television programs and the ads affect our children very badly in every aspect. Their entire lifestyle such as social, moral, spiritual etc are also being shaped by what they view either through TV or internet.

        That's why parents should keep an eye on what they watch. If they can not turn off it completely at least the remote should be in their hands!

        If we are not careful enough, we allow our children to be moulded in the wrong way, there is no use of regretting later.


HT 7/7/2010

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