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“Who Owns Yoga?”

A fierce debate is going on in the United States about the ownership of yoga. According to reports yoga is practiced by around 15 million people in America and it’s a multibillion –dollar industry.

        The Hindu American Foundation which is behind this discussion, aims to make it clear to every American that yoga evolves from Hinduism. Some of the comments in the web forum show, how certain Hindus are worried about the way yoga is being adapted into other religions using different terms.

Notice some comments from lightonchristianyoga.blogspot.com

SHindu said...
Yoga is Hinduism; Hinduism is Yoga......This modern theft of Yoga is shameful. How would Christians like if a Hindu open a Baptism studio and taught Baptism class--underwater therapy for a fee. How insulting.

mc said...
"......your own bible tells you not to practice what pagans practice! do u just ignore these commands! then leave your religion ! ......its disrespectful to us and to your own religion. for centuries u shoved down our throats how useless pagan culture is ! now u want our traditions for yourselves!

Anonymous said...
Yoga is definitely a Hindu practice. ……..From a Hindu view, there is no problem with Christians practicing yoga, but I can see why many Christians do have a problem with it. Hinduism and the other Dharmic religions are considered "pagan" faiths and yoga is a "pagan" practice based in them. The only Christians who don't see the problem are the ones who try to deny it's Hindu/Dharmic roots and that's where some Hindus might have a problem.

   Even though the debate was initiated by a Hindu group it can help many Christians to see the truth behind yoga which is part of Hinduism.

        Notice what Professor Tiwari of The Hindu University of America, writes about the usefulness of yoga, “Your consciousness as it is broadened and heightened as a result of Yoga, begins the process of evolving and transforming, so that your inner centre shines true.”

        Is it compatible to scriptural teaching on transformation of our inner man? The word of God unequivocally says, “What accord has Christ with Belial? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever? And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? ……Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord.” 2Corinthinans 6:15--18


Source: - HT 11/10 & lightonchristianyoga.blogspot.com



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