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(A summarized study note given at a leadership conference held at Khandala,
Maharashtra India held from 25 November to 29, 2009)

          The purpose of God in setting up leaders in the Church is the good of His people. It is His care for them- not just an opportunity for the leaders to labor and qualify for the rewards. This divine objective can be achieved only if the leader’s relationships with God and family are properly taken care of.  (Jn.21.15-17; 1 Tim.3.5).  Hence we will consider three area of relationships where a Christian leader should be careful about.

I. Leader and God
          The vertical relationship is most important. This can be considered under the following four heads.

  1. Leader’s Communion with God

          Communion begins with our connection with God. This begins with our regeneration or salvation. It is from this new relationship with God one grows. Nurturing of our connection with God happens in our time with His word and prayer. Isa.59.2. 

  1. Leader’s Consciousness of God  

          This need is seen in Josh.5.14. Lord wanted Joshua to know before going against Jericho that he was only second in command. It is the Lord who is the captain. Joshua can only obey what He says. 1 Pt. 3.15; Acts.9.6; 10.14 ; Josh.9.14; 7.3 etc

  1. Leader’s Confidence in God

           “I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day” (2 Tim.1.12). God’s ability implies His Omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence and love.

          Like any nation, spiritually speaking we also have the army, navy and air force caring for us. These are His Spirit, Word and the Lord’s presence with the Father, respectively. This confidence one ‘knows’ and with it he should be ‘persuaded’. Such assurance comes by the experience of His word. When ‘care’ of this world takes away this confidence ‘Mammon’ becomes the master! (Mt.6. 24-34).

  1. Leader as Custodian of God

          The leader in the church is given two matters for the safe keeping, the word and the flock (1 Tim.6.20; 1 Pt.5.1, 2; Acts.20.28 etc). ‘Committed’ is a banking term. Our duty to the word of God is to

      • “hold fast” 1 Tim. 1.13 - Personal,
      • “keep”1 Tim.1.14 - Defense, and,
      • “hold forth” Phil.2.16 – Evangelization.

          Then he is also vested with the duty of looking after the people of God. Just as the Lord looks at them we should be able to see the saints and care for them.

          Our relationship with God is the most important area of our life. The success in all other areas of relationship depends on the quality of this relationship. (Rom.8.35-39).   

II. Leader and Home

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Prepared by Bro. Thomson B. Thomas, Mumbai as part of his teaching ministry.
The author is a full time evangelist and Bible Teacher serving the Lord Jesus Christ in association with the Brethren Assemblies in Mumbai, India. You can reproduce this article in any medium, provided it is unedited, and retain the original author / copyright information and
reference to this website. Please feel free to write to the author for details. Or contact    gracepeaceu AT yahoo.com