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Studies & articles related to Christian ministry and leadership. Eph. 4:12

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Spiritual Leadership – Master’s style Author explores the leadership style of Jesus Christ. As a Master trainer He sets the best example of biblical leadership, that we can adopt in our service which He called us to do.

Characteristics of a Good Minister of Jesus Christ. 1Timothy ch. 4. Apostle Paul outlines the essential qualities of a good and effective Servant of God. The Lord wants us to be His ‘good ministers'.

Four Practical Principles on Evangelism Training is necessary, qualification is good, but in spite of all what we are and what we have learnt, we can do nothing by ourselves . He has to work in and through us.

GOSPEL & CULTURE    Bro. Felix Muchimba (Zambia) gives some summerized points on presenting the gospel to Africans considering their specific cultrue. Applicable for any other land. .

LEADER AND HIS RELATIONSHIPS Study on leader's relationships. With out having a right relationship with God, family and believers, ministry can not be effective or blessed by God. 3 pages

A Simple Guide to Preaching A very useful guidelines on preaching by Brother Shawn Abigail Canada. Linked to his website.

Thoughts on Preaching A very useful notes on preaching in the Assemblies by Bro. Shawn Abigail, Canada. Read from his own website.

Introduction to homiletics. A very useful presentationon on developing a teaching gift By Bro. Shawn Abigail, Canada. Read from his own website. (PDF)

Leader and the Enemy.      A study presented at an Assembly Leader's Conference in Maharashtra, India. Deals with some important area where Christian leaders tend to fail! - 4 pages

Ministry or Merchandising?       It is a blessed privilage to be in the work of the Lord. But what should be the driving force behind ministry? Can we just adopt the marketing style of this world for maximum profit?

The Man Whom God will use.       What is the basis for an effective Christian ministry? Whom shall God use for His purposes? Find out the secrets of an effective ministry from the life of Joshua.

Ministry & leadership: An introduction       A brief note on the importance and meaning of Christian leadership.


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