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What the Wilderness Teaches

By Bro. Francis M.L. Chennai

Today’s world is in turmoil and it is witnessing some unusual phenomena in every walk of life. The unprecedented occurrences throughout the world threw the people into utter confusion and fear.

Corona Virus occupies the prime talk of the day, news of every TV channel, fear of the masses and worry of the nations. But what are we believers in the Lord, to do? How should we react to this? How should we assess the things and live in the time such as this? Is there any light in the Scriptures?

No man ever perceived fully and completely the plan of God and the purpose behind it unless it is revealed to man through His holy word. Men and women appear to be helpless and express their despair and consternation before the pandemic. But out ultimate hope and comfort is in the Lord Almighty. We believe that, in His mercy and power, God had always reached His powerful hands to uphold His people in their misery. Psalm 107:27,28

Remember, it is easy for God to do what man thinks is impossible. This is where we put our hope.

Time has taught us several things. Just consider children of Israel. If we scan through the life of Israelites as they passed through the wilderness, the things the Lord taught them are still relevant to us. Let’s remind ourselves that, as redeemed people, passing through a spiritual wilderness, we need to hold on to those principles in order to stay strong and sure-footed as a stag on the steep mountains.

The Lord God taught them in the wilderness that they were chosen to be His own treasure not because they were numerous but because they were fewest of all peoples, not because they were strong but because of His great love and grace. Deut 7:6-8; 9:4. They were unworthy people.

Let us incline our hearts in the line of this thought that we are chosen and loved by the Lord because of His great love. We are reminded that we are under His arms and His protection surrounds us.

Again, in the wilderness the Lord has a strong message to convey to us that He is very close to those who are godly and obedient.

The children of Israel committed idolatry and fornication and that became grievous offence against the Lord and consequently He decided to withdraw His presence from among them. God refused to go with them. Ex.33:3. To them, it was most distressing thing. Ex.33:4. But as an obedient servant of God, Moses pleased Him by pleading for His presence Ex.33:15 and God assured him that His presence would go with him. Ex 33:14,17. God’s glorious, powerful presence will always go with everyone who is willing to know His ways. Ex. 33:13.

Another most important lesson God taught them is the wilderness was something about their task and responsibility. God said to the Israelites that they should break the camp and advance into the hill country. They had stayed long enough at this mountain. Deu.1:6-8. Horeb is God’s mountain with full of comfort and protection. The very purpose of their deliverance was to possess the land of Canaan. Some portion was difficult to conquer for the Anakites lived on the hills. God said in effect: It is enough for you to stay in Horeb- a safe place, a comfort zone. Enough, get out of this place. It is time to rise up and go to war to conquer the land. They had stayed there long enough!

Well, what is the message for us? Have we been living long enough in the comfort zone? Have we forgotten our responsibility to take the gospel to every nook and corner of our nation – to conquer it? Or are we still lingering to taste of comfort surroundings?

In the time of this lockdown, let us prepare ourselves and motivate our children to wean of their complacency and love for comfort. The future will not be that enjoyable!

    It is time to step out and go to war - a spiritual warfare!

May the Lord help us to understand His heart and listen to what He says.

May the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified.



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