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Salvation: - According to the Bible

By Nelson Thomas Evangelist, Mumbai


The general idea for ‘salvation’ varies from people to people. According to the context it may mean to escape from a danger, accident or some serious sickness. In this study our emphasis is not on an escape from sickness or danger but deliverance of our spirit from the eternal hell. It is spiritual salvation one can experience while living on earth itself.


Even about this spiritual salvation there are varied ideas and conviction among different people groups.

  • Some consider salvation as joining to the reality –God / Brahma through various cycle of birth. Sins are removed through good works, till then rebirth continues in to various forms of being. They call it ‘moksha’, ‘mukti’ etc
  • Another group believes every one will be judged after death. Each one will have to pass through a very thin thread (like a hair) and good people will reach the other side, others will fall in to hell beneath.
  • A third idea is that man has to merge with the Almighty through good works, meditation, self-sacrifice and even fasting to death.
  • Some others still waiting for a national salvation in the future. They believe that they will be delivered from all their oppressors and their kingdom will be restored as their Lord Himself as the King
  • Another school of faith regarding salvation is that every dead one is transferred to a particular place (‘purgatory’)  where they will be purified of their sins and subsequently promoted to heaven , as their dear ones pray and offer other rituals.


Salvation according to the Bible is entirely different from the above mentioned ideas. Without knowing the difference in ideology many are confused while believing and even preaching about the biblical salvation!
For example a person believes that one has to take a cycle of births before he can reach God, and we tell Him of the need of new birth as mentioned in John 3 but he will be confused. So it is essential to know the difference and see what the Bible says about salvation. In this study we will try to see the doctrine of salvation as developed in the Bible. We will begin with salvation in the Old Testament.




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