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Who is this Jesus anyway?

A unique name

        The Name which was given from heaven, A name which is loved, cherished, worshipped and the confidence and only hope of millions of people. It is also a name which is hated, despised and one which thousands have taken upon themselves to wipe out from human history at any cost. The name which is also hated by Satan, just as the name of Jesus is adored in the heavens above.

        As there are thousands who have laid down their lives over the last twenty centuries for this man of Galilee, there are hundreds who are ready to take the lives of those who proclaim the name of Jesus even today.

Real or Myth
        Any normal man should have the curiosity to know more than the passing knowledge of who this man was, and why such a passion towards things to do with Him? Was he real or just a myth? Does it matter to own or disown Him?

The matchless book
         All answers about this Jesus can be found in a broad way only in the Bible. The Bible is a book which is called the Word of God. This book has always been the best seller. It is this book because of which India got its first printing press. It is this book which is the most printed in many different languages in the world. It is this Book in parts which has been freely distributed more than any other book in the world. It is the effect of this book -the Bible- which has been responsible for breaking the bondage of slavery in the west and has influenced that every human has an equal right to live and survive in any part of the world.

A true story

        If the Bible is to be believed upon, Jesus Christ was born of a virgin according to the will of God. (A scientific impossibility) Again this was not a decision God took on the spur of the moment, but this unnatural event was foretold by God thru His prophets almost seven hundred years before the birth of Christ. This man’s birth was made known by the angels in a most amazing way. The child was sought to be destroyed by the king of Jerusalem of that time and was miraculously protected by the intervention of God and His angels.

        Though Jesus grew as a carpenter’s son who was seemingly unlearned, He had a deep knowledge of the things of God even at an early age. He spent three and a half years moving around Judea and was a great blessing to the people of that day. There is a record in the Bible repeated by four gospel writers that He did many great miracles in the sight of the common man which was a great cause of disturbance to those who were against Him and his teachings which were exposing their hypocritical lives.

        All were astonished at His understanding and way of explaining the things of heaven and the God almighty, which He did with utmost ease for He claimed to have come from heaven. People thronged to Him by the thousands to hear Him, many just wanted to see Him or the miracles He did. But the majority of people came to Him to be healed or brought their loved ones who needed His healing touch. It’s worth noticing that He healed everyone irrespective of the type or extent of their illness.

An incomparable person

        HE was unique in every way; there never was anyone who could be compared to this Jesus of Nazareth. He commanded the waves and the wind and was obeyed much to the surprise even of His own disciples; Evil spirits feared Him, and to the amazement of all present on more than one occasion he even brought back the dead to life. He knew people without ever having met them; He knew to perfection the thoughts of those around Him; not only was He familiar of the past which is natural, He minutely knew the things to happen in a few days, after a few years and at the end of ages.

        Yet the focus of the Bible was not and is not to attract its readers to all these achievements of the man Jesus but rather to speak of His death and the manner and the purpose of His particular way of dying. Unlike anyone else His death was foretold; purposely planned in the will of God, and it was the reason why He came into this world.
        The Bible says Jesus was betrayed by one of His own disciples. (Which the Lord Jesus well knew was going to happen and had told His disciples in front of the one who was going to betray Him.)

An unusual trial and judgment

        He was taken in the middle of the night and sentenced to death without being found guilty. It would have been natural for Him to speak in His own defense but He opened not His mouth. He was sentenced to death, death by being nailed to the cross. A punishment the Romans gave the worst offenders of their law and the criminals.

        He was mercilessly beaten by the soldiers, a crown of thorns cruelly pressed upon His head. Made to carry the heavy cross all the way to Golgotha, the place of crucifixion, brutally nailed to the cross. Some mocked Him, others cursed Him, while few challenged Him to come down and prove that He was indeed the Son of God He claimed to be.
         Before giving up His life, (unlike us He had the power to give up His life and the power to take it again). He prayed to the Father saying “Father forgive them they know not what they do.” Living up to His teachings, for he had said “but I say unto you love your enemies and pray for them that despitefully ill treat you.” 

An amazing death

        The Bible says when all things were fulfilled according to the plan and purpose of God Jesus Christ gave up His ghost or Spirit and died. A death which affected the heavens as His birth had done, there was a great earthquake the like of which the people of Jerusalem had never seen before. The graves were opened, it seemed as if the heavens which declare the glory of God was lifting its voice in grief and relief as it witnessed the amazing sacrifice of the son of God its creator.

        As He was different in His birth life and death, He was different even after His death. The Bible particularly states that He rose from the dead. His Tomb was found empty with His clothes lying where He had been laid. Angels told those who came to the grave that He was alive and not to seek Him among the dead. He appeared to His disciples in an undoubtable manner for a period of forty days. He was taken up to heaven in the presence of almost five hundred people, who were told by the angels that this same Jesus would come back again.

Jesus Christ the only Saviour

        God ‘s Word the Bible says that the future of every human depends on their acceptance or rejection of this Jesus who suffered, bled and died for the sins of mankind in order to save us from the justly deserving punishment of God. Yes all those who believe in the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ and accept their fallen state of being a sinner and ask God to forgive them will receive forgiveness and eternal life. But all those who reject Him will die in their sins and compel God to cast them away from His presence into eternal damnation.

        Jesus Christ therefore is the Son of God and the only one through whom a person can obtain forgiveness and salvation. He is the only way for man to be reconciled to the holy and righteous God. The Lord Jesus Christ is the way, truth and the life.
         Millions have put their trust in the Lord Jesus found peace, salvation and change of heart. Each one of them is going to be in the kingdom of God forever and ever. You have a choice of putting your trust in the Lord Jesus and securing your eternity or rejecting the offer of God and taking the risk of eternal separation from God.

Consider Now

        I would suggest you to, please consider your life and what awaits you after death and realize that God loves you and wants you to spend eternity in the kingdom of God. He is willing to forgive you of all your sins and clothe you with the robe of righteousness. God wants to give you the privilege of enjoying a living and lasting relationship with Him through faith in the sacrificial death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

 Whatever is your responses do get back to us we are praying for you.

David Joseph Patrick, Goa, India

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Prepared by Bro. David Joseph Patrick, Goa. The author is a full time evangelist serving the Lord Jesus Christ in association with the Brethren Assemblies in Goa, India. You can reproduce this article in any medium, provided it is unedited, and retain the original author / copyright information and reference to this website. Please feel free to write to the author for details. Or contact    gracepeaceu AT yahoo.com