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'Thought for this week' is a reflection on Bible verses in relation to our present practical life.
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Response of the Redeemed


“O Lord, I will praise You; Though You were angry with me,Your anger is turned away ,
and You comfort me”. Isaiah 12:1

Summery:- How can we keep quite after realizing the wonderful deliverance we have received through the Lord Jesus Christ? Shout for joy, declare His glory.

 Happy and free heart produces music. Isaiah chapter twelve is a song of the redeemed Israel which they will sing in the Kingdom. The Lord was angry with them for a long time; because of their rebellion. Time and again, they had to reap the consequences of God's displeasure with them.

         Isaiah looking forward to that day when the Jews will realize that God's anger is turned away. They are free from the bondage of their sin and its consequences. God has become their salvation. They don't need to be afraid. He is their strength and song. So they rejoice in the Lord and sing praises to Him. They will also declare His deeds among the people.

         Israel as a nation will experience such a joy and freedom only in the Messianic Kingdom. But a Christian can experience the same and even much more today itself, because God has poured His wrath upon His Son and He took it completely and declared “it is finished”. The Lord Jesus Christ bore our sins and died as a substitute. All those who recognize this truth and acknowledge Christ as the saviour and Lord will find that the anger of God does not abide upon them anymore. Romans 1:18; 10:9; John 3:36.

         This conviction definitely leads to joyful worship and passionate witness. Freedom from the burden of guilt and the divine judgment does prompt a believer to exalt the Lord.

         Are you sure about your salvation, deliverance from the eternal damnation? If yes, are you zealous in worshiping and witnessing?


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