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'Thought for this week' is a reflection on Bible verses in relation to our present practical life.
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Divine Burden: Feel it


“The burden against Babylon which the son of Amoz saw” Isaiah 13:1

Summery:- The coming judgment of God upon the wicked men should burden us as the Lord Himself is concerned about man.

 After speaking against the sins of Judah, the Lord directs Isaiah to pronounce judgment against the nations. These series of messages are introduced as “Burden”! What does it mean?

         Notice that the Lord is not only anxious about His people; He is concerned about the nations as well. In other word no one, no country is out side the control of the Lord God Almighty. He will definitely punish each one for their rebellion and unrighteousness.

         But the point we need to notice here is this: this message is not a joyful one neither for God nor for the prophet, it is a ‘burden’! God is never happy in punishing people. He has ‘no pleasure in the death of the wicked’.

         Isaiah also felt the same weight of these indictments. He spoke with much heaviness of heart, comprehending the impact of falling in to the hand of a Holy God.

         Do we have this burden as we recognize the coming judgment of God on the people of this world?

The Lord Jesus Christ wept over Jerusalem realizing the wrath of God going to fall upon that city very shortly. He cried seeing the sad state of man: dead, buried and stinking. John 11:35. Apostle Paul said, he has ‘great sorrow and continual grief’ in his heart thinking about the unbelieving Jews. He was even willing to be accursed for them! Romans 9:2, 3.

          Gospel is good news, but it has another painful side. It is not just a message of love but it also reveals the demands of God and His anger that is going to fall upon all who reject this message. Is it not our duty to make this message so clear to the world?

          We can not just take God’s message casually. It must be shared with the same heaviness that God feels as in the case of Isaiah.

Do you have a burden to preach the message of the cross that can save people from the coming judgment?


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