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'Thought for this week' is a reflection on Bible verses in relation to our present practical life.
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Divine Rest and Activity

“I will take my rest, And I will look from my dwelling place...” Isaiah 18:4

God is never in a hurry. He has a plan and executes it impeccably in His own time. He waits for the most appropriate time.

       The context is the Assyrian invasion of Ethiopia. It was part of God’s own programme especially in connection His people Judah. God keeps quite even though the Ethiopians make every effort to oppose the Assyrians, particularly with the help of Israel.

        It is then God says, “I will take my rest”. He will watch for the developments. When the right time comes He will act.

        God will not act in haste. He will not keep quite for ever either. At the most suitable time He will intervene and work for the benefit of His people.

       Many think God is not concerned about what is happening in this world. Some even dare to say that ‘God is dead’!

        When the Assyrians thought every thing is OK for them, the Lord intervened. Similarly when today’s world will reach the climax of self-indulgence and gratification the Almighty will get involved in the affairs of man and fulfill His purposes perfectly.

        It is the time of His rest, but He is watching from His dwelling place. Yet He is active in another aspect today, saving men and women who confess their sins and trust His son Lord Jesus Christ.


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