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'Thought for this week' is a reflection on Bible verses in relation to our present practical life.
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Report of Agony

“…“When the report reaches Egypt, they also will be in agony at the report of Tyre”. Isa 23:5

Prophet Isaiah refers to the impending destruction of the Phoenician port cities and the effect of it upon Egypt. Egypt was known as the granary of the ancient world. It was through Tyre they traded with the world. Sudden destruction of Tyre and Sidon badly affected the business in Egypt.

        There are two important lessons for us today. Without any consideration for God, man is busy with his business and thinks that everything is well and the economy is flourishing. But an unexpected devastation would alter the peaceful, prosperous condition. This truth should make us to fear God and follow His word.

        Another thing, we should never glory in our wealth. Money or material doesn’t give us lasting security. At any time our much treasured and trusted resources would fail. Enjoy what God gives us graciously and be thankful but let our confidence be in the Lord Almighty alone. Then an abrupt break up or a recession will not leave us in agony.



Prepared by Nelson Thomas Mumbai as part of his teaching ministry. You can also reproduce this meditation in any medium,
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