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'Thought for this week' is a reflection on Bible verses in relation to our present practical life.
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Waiting: Not worthless

“Behold this is our God, we have waited for Him and He will save us ……..
we will be glad and rejoice in His salvation.” Isaiah 25:9

Waiting patiently till the end is a special grace indeed. Most people become impatient and begin to take the other alternative. It may even look like an easy way out. However, often this short-cut may not be the best option and they will have to regret for life.

        Here in Isaiah 25 the people of Israel are glad that they waited and found their Lord at last. They are sure of His wonderful works for them. He will save them, wipe away their tears and lead them to eternal joy.

        . Waiting for God is never a waste of time or energy. After all, it is His intervention and purposes that can bring everlasting joy and blessings. Let Him be our goal and His will alone be our desire. Then we will be happy to wait for Him and the duration of that waiting will not bother us. Ultimately we will rejoice and be glad in Him.

        Remember, quite often the best is found at the last. So, wait patiently. Waiting for God is never in vain.




Prepared by Nelson Thomas Mumbai as part of his teaching ministry. You can reproduce this meditation in any medium,
provided it is unedited, and retain the original author / copyright information and reference to this website.
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