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News & Views

Our effort through this section is to highlight news that matters to Christian believers around world.
Either it affirms our faith, encouraging us to hold on to the Lord or it is a warning to us to take care.
If any reader gets across such information, please feel free to pass it on to us.
You can write to infoATgracepeace.net or to any other email id found in this website.

Conversion Game Show!

         According to Reuters, a Turkish Television station is preparing to start a game show, where spiritual gurus from four major religions will try to convert a group of atheists. The winners will be taken for a free pilgrimage to a holy place of their chosen religion.

         Some in turkey consider it as disrespect to all religions. But the makers believe that it is “the biggest prize in the world, the gift of belief in God”.

         Already 200 people have applied to participate in the show. A group of Theologians will examine them to ensure that they are truly atheists.

         Not just this T.V producers, there are many others who use religion for business. Many spiritual programs are ‘live shows' where money plays a major role, even if from behind the scene! A true Christian will be away from such godless, selfish activity.

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