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Baby girls changed to Boys

     Hindustan Times reported on 26/6/2011 that doctors in Indore, turn baby girls in to boys. Itís a well known fact that in certain parts of India parents prefer boys. This latest development has given a handy Ďhelpí to satisfy their desire for boys.

       The process is a misuse of genitoplasty, a common procedure to correct genital abnormality in fully grown patients. Apart from surgery to change the genitals, hormone treatment make sure they behave as male. The whole process is done on children between the age of one and five.

       According to the report each genitoplasty expert in Indore has already turned 200 to 300 girls in to boys.

       Basic reason for all such perverted thinking is because of manís refusal to acknowledge the role of a Creator and His sovereignty over man. Once we recognize God as the sovereign one who created us with a perfect plan, all such idea will fade away.

       It is this understanding that helps us to value life and respect individuals whom God created whoever he / she may be.


HT 26/6/2011


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