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Life's Crucial Questions: -1


Where am I come from?

By Nelson Thomas Mumbai

Summary: - Where am I come from? It's a question asked by many. Here are the reasons why we believe the
Biblical account of Divine creation.
The truth of creation makes man unique and valuable.


      Khushwant Sigh, a well known writer in India once wrote in his weekly column in ‘Hindustan Times' that whenever he finds a religious book, he reads it with three questions in mind: ‘Where am I come from? Why am I here? And where am I going?' He says, ‘so far I haven't found a satisfactory answer'! He is a self-proclaimed atheist yet respects religions as well!

       Not only Mr. Khushwant Singh, many others have asked these questions. As a rational being man wants to know the hidden truth and explore new avenues. He is not satisfied till he finds answers to his queries. Is it bad? Never, on the other hand it is good for progress in every area. We should not be satisfied with mere assumptions. Till we come to the truth we should keep on seeking and searching.

Let us come to these crucial questions that we all ask some time or other.

        1. Where am I come from ? (The origin of man)
        2. Why am I here? (The Purpose of life)
        3. Where am I going ? (The destiny of man)

We will consider these issues one by one. Remember, these are questions we ought to ask. Finding a right answer is not just to satisfy our curiosity but it helps to live a meaningful as well as purposeful life.

I. Where am I come from? ( The origin of man)

Science teachers will tell us that we have been evolved out of ‘monkey'! Like the learned Kushwant Singji, we are not satisfied with that answer. That's why we still seek a better answer. Recently another scientist said that millions of years ago there was an explosion and as a result life began from which we have come.

       Will you believe that? You may say because scientists said, better we believe it. Will you believe that there was a shake or an earth quake and a home was built or a shopping complex has come up automatically? Just, impossible we would say. Because we know nothing is built with out an action by some body or something. For any effect there is a cause and the cause for life can not be a lifeless, shapeless and senseless explosion.

       The Bible categorically says that we have come from God. Genesis, the first book of the Bible narrates the origin of man and every thing that we see in the universe. We read that, after creating every creature on earth, the sea, God created man in His own image. “So God created an in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” Genesis. 1:27 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. And man became a living being.” Genesis. 2:7

      Now you may say 'I don't believe the existence of a God.' That is another issue we need to consider. We will do that in a separate study. Nevertheless, consider the origin of man. Because you don't believe in God, does it really affect the truth of our origin? What is your explanation then, for this question?

     You don't want to acknowledge God; you want to be free and independent of a higher authority. That doesn't deny the role of God in creation.

      Take for example; I don't like a particular person for some reason. Suppose he is an engineer with a construction company who is building a bridge. Since I don't want to acknowledge him in any manner, can I just say that the bridge came on its own? How foolishness such a statement would be!

      No wonder the Bible says, “The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.” Psalm14:14. “Professing to be wise, they became fools.” Romans.1:22.

     Modern man in his effort to do away with an intelligent Creator - the Lord Almighty - has broken man's relationship with his creator. Children who study such theories find no responsibility to a creator. He has no God to whom he is accountable. Pure conscience, morality and religion are all old – fashioned terms for them. But we believe such an idea is satanic deception. He has blinded the eyes of man, lest he see the glory of God.

      We believe the scriptural position, that God created man in His own image. Is it just blind faith, assumption? Let us consider five reasons why we keep this position as true.

Five reasons why we believe the Biblical creation story

1. The reliability of the Bible. 2 Timothy.3:16, 17; 2Pet.1:23 etc.

We believe the Bible as inerrant, infallible, and inspired word of God. Bible has come out of God. It is perfect, trustworthy and settled in heaven for ever. (Again, it is another important topic to discuss in detail, which we shall do in another study.) So, like any other topic in the Bible, we believe what word of God says about the origin of man as true and accurate.

2. The truthfulness of Jesus Christ. Mark.10:6.
       We are sure, no one will say Jesus Christ was a fraud and He spoke lie. Even, during His life time no could point out a mistake / sin in the life of Jesus Christ. He said that which was right and true. He never had to change His word or ask pardon for a mistake. Such impeccable, truthful Lord Jesus Christ has endorsed the creation story of the book of Genesis.

When the Pharisees asked Christ's opinion on divorce He drew their attention to the beginning when God created man and woman. He said, “ But from the beginning of the creation, God ‘made them male and female….Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.” Mark.10:6—9. (More)

3. The similarity of man kind.
        Another factor that leads us to believe the Biblical narrative is the similarity found in man all over the world. Basically man is the same. Though differences are there in relation to color, shape, culture and some other habits, fundamentally he is the same. Same blood, same physiological composition, similar psychological needs are found in man wherever we go. That shows a common origin of man. That is God created man in the beginning.

4. The inability of man over life.
          Man's inability to crate life or even to control it also leads us to believe that God who is the source of life has created man. Yes, to an extend science can sustain life, but we know man can not create life or preserve it as he wishes. God gives life and takes it back in His sovereign will.

5. The futility of human philosophy.
          Of course we can go on adding various points that support the creation narrative of the Bible. Do we have any other satisfactory explanation for our existence? The evolution theory of Charles Robert Darwin is not a fixed scientific truth but based on chances and assumption. (More)

       Where am I come from? The meaningful and satisfactory answer the Bible gives us is that man is the masterpiece of God's creation. After creating the earth, heavens and all that is in it, God formed man out of dust and breathed his life and man became a living being. This truth of our origin gives some valuable lessons too.

Lessons from the Creation Story

i. We are precious.
        Since we are the masterpiece of our maker, are we not valuable. Take for example an artist, when he makes a masterwork it will be costly. He values it so much. In the same way the Lord our creator considers us valuable, precious. He has His eyes upon us and keeps us as precious treasure.

        The Lord Jesus Christ reminds this truth in relation to man's worry over life. “Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap, which have neither storehouse nor barn: and God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds?” Luke.12:24

ii. We are unique.
         A careful study of the creation of man teaches that there are some unique features in the way God created us. About making all other things-animals, birds, creatures in the sea- we see it was made by His words. He commanded and it took place. But to create man, God formed Him out of dust and breathed His own life into his nostrils. Thus man becomes a living being. Genesis.1:24; 2:7.

        This act shows that man is unique and different from all other creatures. We have God's own life. Also we see man is made in the image of God. We have been given certain divine qualities like, freewill, emotion and intelligence etc. Though it was marred by sin later, we have many traits that an animal do not have. Our sensibility, will power, ability to choose and enjoy beautiful creation is all derived from God Himself.

iii. Each one is distinct.
        The wonderful facet of God's creation is not only in the similarity of mankind but also in the diversity. Though we are essentially one, there are many differences in each of us. My face, sound, tones are very much distinct. There is no one like me. God has not made another person with my personality and features.

        Is it not wonderful to know that I am unique and there is no one like me? That means I don't need to compete with one another, I don't need to worry about another taking away my privileges etc. I don't need to compare myself with others. I am unique and I have to excel in what ever I am.

iv. We are not our own.
       Finally our origin suggests that we are not our own. We have a master maker. He who made us owns us. He keeps us, protects us, at the same time, it is our duty to live for Him, acknowledging His Lordship over us.

       That's where man fails. Man doesn't want to be controlled by God. After creation we see how man fell in to sin and rebellion. Then onwards man is always questioning God's authority over man. He had gone away from the ways of God. With out God, away from His control, man lives in sin, disobedience and reaps the consequences.

       The Lord Jesus Christ came to seek this fallen, drifted man. He not only came but also gave His life as an atoning sacrifice to redeem him. That is the gospel message of the New Testament in the Bible. The Lord Jesus Christ rose again from the dead and by believing in Him man is able to have fellowship with God and enjoy the full purposes for which God has created him.


      Dear friend, from where did you come from? We have presented the simple and yet true answer above. Will you accept it and hounour the maker and follow His path? God, who created you, still loves you and ready to receive you as His own to return all what you lost while going away from Him.

“Who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness-by whose stripes you were healed. For you were like sheep going astray, but have now turned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls.” 1Peter 2:24 , 25


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