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Thought for this Week

What’s happening to the world? Where are we heading to? Is it a better world? .... Without God and His word man will never achieve lasting peace and joy. Only one solution: The Lord Jesus Christ. TRY! NTK
News & Views
Home Call: Mr. Michael Browne, Bath, UK.

Eva. Michael Browne home called on February 26 Friday, funeral on 17..... MORE
'Grace & Peace' e-Periodical      
Issue No. 145         “Why are you so fearful?”
In the midst of uncertainties and terrifying circumstances stay cool and confident. Flood, famine or flame, be free from fear - in Christ. More
Articles & Studies
ENJOY TRUE FREEDOM Man is trying many methods to forget their burden and hardships. True and lasting freedom through Christ alone. More
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 An introduction to 1Timothy in English  

The background and purposes of this letter will help us to benefit more from this epistle of Paul    

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