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Thought for this Week

When God works in and through His people, devil takes extra effort to destroy that work, but the continued faithfulness and commitment of His people leads to miraculous divine deliverance and progress in the work of the Lord. NTK
'Grace & Peace' e-Periodical
Issue No. 149         Knowing the Times

The common people of that time found Christ and His followers as distinct, of a different kind. This visible distinctiveness in them forced many to respect them; some others to persecute them. More
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Home Call: Mr. Michael Browne, Bath, UK.
Eva. Michael Browne home called on February 26 Friday, funeral on 17..... MORE
Articles & Studies
       Steps to Salvation
Many Christians are not sure about how to receive forgiveness from God otherwise commonly known as Salvation. More
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 Truths that assure our victory in Spiritual warfare  

   How can we say that victory belongs to us? If victory is on our side, why do we face such a struggle?  Listen to this message in English

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