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Thought for this month

“There are some sciences that may be learned by the head, but the science of Christ crucified can only be learned by the heart.”

__ C. H. Spurgeon
'Grace & Peace' e-Periodical
Volume 19. No.3  The Death of Christ
Failure to appropriate the efficacy of this vicarious sacrifice of the Son of God is the uttermost fault anybody can commit today. Explore ( PDF )
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Unprecedented Atrocities against Christians
Tribal Christians in the state of Manipur and Chattisgarh in India have been going through unparalleled persecution in the recent months. MORE
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RESURRECTION GROUND: A Believer’s Perspective As believers, we are not left alone but empowered by the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. More
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Who is Jesus Christ? His Person and the Mission.

A special gospel message in English based on Luke 2: 8 - 14 by NTK

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