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Thought for this Week

Result of Religion? Hatred, murder & destruction? ! Does humanity need such a religion? Need to re-define religion; what, why, for whom?? Actually what’s our need? Is it not a SAVIOUR? NTK
News & Views
Home Call: Mr. Michael Browne, Bath, UK.
Eva. Michael Browne home called on February 26 Friday, funeral on 17..... MORE
'Grace & Peace' e-Periodical      
Issue No. 135         Need Weepers!
All over world we see spiritual services are being degenerated to entertainment programmes. God is calling upon us to weep! More
Articles & Studies
ENJOY TRUE FREEDOM Even as we celebrate our political freedom, are we freed indeed? Be free from bondage of sin and Satan. More
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 My Testimony By Eva. Michael Brown Bath, UK. Mr. Michael Brown explains how the gospel of Christ saved him from drunkness and wicked life  
 Enjoy Your FreedomA message in Hindi on the true freedom one can enjoy through the Lord Jesus Christ.
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