A tribute: Easow Josifus (1940 – 2022)

The home call of every born again child of God is indeed a celebration for heaven. It’s a clear answer to the prayers of their Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ (John 17:24). Naturally, we who remain will always miss our dear ones and continue to feel the pain of separation, albeit the hope of reunion one day.
In the recent past, from the Mumbai area also we have seen number of dear ones departing to be with the Lord. Memories of each one of them are precious; we always remember their good works for the Lord and endeavour to follow their footsteps. Furthermore, due to various reasons some of them have cast lasting impressions which we cannot easily forget.

Such is the case of dear Uncle Easow Josifus of Andheri East who went to be with the Lord on 31st March 2022, just 4 months after his wife’s home call. He was fondly called by many as ‘Sahar Joseachayan’.

He was one of the few brethren as far as I know who successfully carried out a business while joyfully spending a good part of its profit for the cause of Christ. He had a systematic way of giving. With a list of fulltime servants of God from all over India, he supported them on a regular basis. It was absolutely done in secret and without any conditions.

It was through his efforts that the Lord’s work in and around Andheri East commenced and prospered. Along with his local church Hebron Christian Assembly Sion he started various ministries in Sahar. He encouraged many servants of God to visit this area for short term ministries. Being close to the international airport, many well-known preachers could visit him and be part of the Lord’s work at Sahar. This resulted in the conversion of many and subsequently a local church was formed in the course of time.

There are some who are tempted to control and manipulate God’s people using their resources. But this dear achayan always preferred to stay behind the scene, and never wanted to be in the leadership of the local church.

The Lord’s servant Itty Varghese who was instrumental in the Lord’s hands along with dear Joseachayan for the establishment of Bethany Christian Assembly testified about him that though he was the backbone of the ministry, he never interfered in its functioning.
Not only in his business, even in his dealings with all others he was very wise and discerning. He loved and cared for others irrespective of their denominational background.

Around 40 years ago, his wife Saramma became a heart patient and needed a pacemaker. His loving and prayerful care for her ever since was unique. Few years ago he was affected with Parkinson disease yet he made every effort to be present at every common function like wedding and funeral to meet God’s people.
On 27th November 2021 his beloved wife Saramma was called home at the age of 77 and that further deteriorated his health. It pleased the Lord to call him home on 31st March 2022 putting an end to all the sufferings he had in this mortal body.
What is written about Mordecai in Esther 10:3 is completely true about dear Joseachayan. “…. he was great among the Jews and popular with the multitude of his brothers, for he sought the welfare of his people and spoke peace to all his people.” (ESV)
May the Lord continue to comfort and strengthen his dear children Stanley and Shirley and their families to faithfully follow the legacy of this godly couple.




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