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Uncle Silas C. Nair - A tribute

Uncle Silas C. Nair who went to be with the Lord on 13 February 2021 is one of the few who influenced me tremendously in connection with my Christian life and ministry.

I remember listening to him in Pathanamathitta gospel hall convention in the early 70’s. Dear Uncle K. M. John who is with the Lord today, also came from Bombay and interpreted his English messages in to Malayalam. Then he was known as C. Radhakrishan.

Even though he was my teacher in the Bible Institutes I studied, my personal relationship with uncle Silas grew from the day I came to Bombay as a commended worker in 1985. Soon after reaching Mumbai I met him at his residence at Mulund. He was suffering from a kind of skin allergy. In spite of his physical ailment he and dear aunty received me gladly and gave me clear guidelines for the ministry ahead. I remember him giving me few books also for reading. 

I continued the Lord’s work in Malad of the western suburbs, and fellowshipped with Zion Christian Assembly where he was ministering. He always guided and supported me in the Lord’s work in every possible way.

Till he left Bombay in 1992, 19 Ebenezer was a place of comfort and encouragement.  With much confusion and perplexity I may approach him but return with clarity of thoughts and renewed vision and energy for the Lord’s work in days to come. 

I can never forget his help and involvement during the formation of Rehoboth Brethren Assembly Malad in 1986. He personally visited Kurar village, Malad east to conduct meetings. On the day of inauguration of the local assembly not only the entire family came, dear aunty brought a set of table cloths beautifully prepared for the Lord’s Supper Table, which we used for many years.

One good thing about uncle is he never refused to share his conviction. Whether we like it or not he will share his view. Today many refuse to deal with controversial issues. Uncle will definitely find a solution. The monthly prayer meetings for workers and elders were an occasion not only for prayer and fellowship but also to deal with complicated matters.

He was always available to hear our worries, even to visit our workplace to help us in any way. I remember visiting him Barbrakar Nagar, Charkop where late Evangelist BabyKutty C. K. served the Lord. He had no hesitation to come to that slum area – in those days it was least developed – to deal with an issue our brother was facing.

His time as the Managing trustee of the Gospel Literature service was also remarkable. He considered his position and involvement with GLS as a ministry and hence many benefited one way or other.

Ever since he left Mumbai in 1992, this writer personally felt many times the absence of dear uncle. He always loved the servants of God, especially the young. Twice he visited us in our home in Goregoan as well as Malad.

I met him last on 2 October 2019 in Thrissur when he was in a hospital. Even in that sickbed he enquired about many in Mumbai especially brother C. K. Babykutty about whom I wrote above.

Along with thousands of others around the globe I too offer my respectful tributes to dear uncle Silas who served the Lord faithfully and taking rest with the Lord today. Yes, I have benefited much from him. His thoughts and principles have contributed much in my spiritual life, for which I will always be grateful.
May the Lord raise up such faithful servants of God, for the encouragement of Lord’s people everywhere. Yes, even let us also emulate the good qualities of such godly men. May the Lord comfort and strengthen dear aunty and the children.

Nelson Thomas, Mumbai





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