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The Humanity of Christ:- 5

Virgin Birth - Is it possible?

Unbelievers will find it hard to accept as true. Not only this, any supernatural event is beyond the understanding of skeptics. It is imprudence to see divine things using human logic. It is by faith we believe that what the word of God says is true. Hebrews 11:3.

Four different ways God used to bring forth man:-

•  Creation – The way Adam was created.

•  Formation – The way God formed Eve out of Adam.

•  Generation – The way natural birth takes place today.

•  Impartation – The way God imparted special power to impotent Abraham & Sarah to beget Isaac.

•  Incarnation – The way God used to send His Son into the world through Virgin Mary.

All these are actually miracles! If we can believe one method that God used to make man, why not the other ways?

Thus God by a special operation prepared a body for the Son. Hebrews 10:5. God who created the first man – Adam – with a perfect humanity, by special creation prepared the body for His Son to come into the world. By the creative act of God, broke the chain of human generation, brought in to the world a supernatural being. This extraordinary formation was a one time, singular, powerful, invisible and immediate action of the Holy Spirit. Nothing like it has ever happened either before or after.

If we believe the supernatural works of God, it is not hard to believe that Christ was born through Virgin Mary through a marvelous act of God.

Then why is He referred as the ‘seed of the woman '? cf. Genesis 3:15

The humanity of Christ was not derived from Mary. He is the son of God. He can not partake of sinful human nature. However the ‘seed of the woman' refers to how she received the Holy Thing in her womb, nourished and nurtured him and brought Him in to the world. It is in this sense the ‘seed of the woman' is used.

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