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By Nelson Thomas Mumbai

A careful observation of the world events shows a sad reality that the present world system is trying to obliterate the name of Jesus Christ!  Slowly yet systematically the enemy of the gospel is working hard to keep people away from the saviour.  

     It seems most Christians and their leaders fail to discern it.  Even some of them begin to openly speak or work against Christ and the gospel. The Bible reveals much about the method of satanic activities opposing God and His purposes. We can notice all those things today with much more vigor and enthusiasm, but two things are more noteworthy.

Substitute ideologies
On one hand the enemy has blinded many eyes, lest they see the truth.  With false teachings and substitute ideologies he has captured the minds of many.  The evil one has subtly made man to glory in shame and wickedness.  Many are confused over right values and principles.  Sin and evil have become bad terms.  Terms like ‘morality’ and ‘liberty’ got different meanings altogether!

     The end result is sin considered as normal and acceptable. Perverse and immoral life has become natural life-style of man.  Freedom is misunderstood and abused. Rights without responsibility and liberty without limit are the norm of man’s life. Human being is under-valued and animals are over-valued! For them, life has no meaning other than to eat, drink and make merry. Their only aim is to enjoy life by any means.

     Many began to feel, to be modern and civilized means to allow everything; no restriction in life; freely express yourselves, even nakedness; accept and appreciate everything for there is nothing bad, nothing to be hidden etc. For such a society gospel of Christ is old-fashioned and meaningless. This perverted life-style of the world has even crept in to the Church.

Hostility & Persecution
At the same time satanic forces are instigating the enemies of the gospel to oppose, not only the preaching of the gospel, even the followers themselves. Being energized and empowered by the powers of the darkness, man is unleashing a wave a horror threatening and destroying the lives of the followers of Christ. 

     The latest incidents of the persecution the Christians are facing world-wide are beyond imagination.  Deliberate killing of Christians including women and little children have become a regular event in many places. Church buildings and Christian literature are being burnt or destroyed. In certain places the government itself demolishes prayer halls to satisfy the sentiments of another community! Christians are falsely accused and attacked.  Seeing the unending attacks and slaughtering of Christians the remaining people chose to leave their respective places to save their life.

     Even in the so-called ‘Christian’ nations, the political leadership has given the evil forces a free hand in the name of ‘freedom’! They do not know, by the uncontrolled and irrational exercise of liberty they only harm the cause of Christ and His people.

Indifference & Neglect
In the name of the ‘political correctness’ they do not even want to refer to the sufferings of Christians in many nations.  According to reports, in certain countries with Christian roots, the authorities deliberately work against Christians and the gospel of Christ.  When they do not allow the Bible in school, they not only allow and even teach false ideologies of other faiths in the schools.

     Even the media and the so-called human rights champions refuse to take up the sufferings of the people who follow the path of Christ.   They conveniently forget all the contributions made to the modern world by the teachings of Christ and the self-sacrificing service of the Christian community.

Satanic deception
Why do they turn a blind eye to these realities faced by the followers of Christ? Why are they so hostile towards the gospel of Christ and His people?  The basic reason is nothing but satanic instigation from behind scene.

     No wonder the Lord Jesus Christ said, devil is a liar and murderer. Cf. John 8:44. That is exactly what is happening today. Utter lie and falsehood is spreading and mindless murder overtly and covertly taking place.

Deafening silence
But the immediate reason behind such increasing atrocities is the silence of the world leaders.  Whether they are politicians, business men or the elders of the society, they all want to please someone or avoid offending someone else!
     They know, to speak against injustice and evil is to risk their own life and position. That’s the reason why these self-interested men of the present world simply keep quite while Christians are intimidated and mistreated. 

Response of the victims
What is the response of the victims? How do they respond to such attacks and hostilities? Have they formed any counter agencies to fight back? No, they will never.
    Just as their Lord and saviour Jesus Christ taught them, Christians suffer quietly. Cf. Matthew 5: 10 – 12; Luke 6:22; 21:12; John 15:20.  They pray and sing songs as their worship place is being destroyed.  With words of praise and worship they give their life to be tortured and killed.
     They are ready to die testifying their faith in Christ Jesus. Christians all over world prayerfully wait for God’s intervention and the soon coming of the blessed Lord Jesus Christ.  

Christian contribution forgotten
No doubt the evil spiritual forces are behind this aggression. They don’t want even the name of Jesus Christ to be heard. Even while the whole the human race is reaping the benefits of the teachings of the blessed Lord Jesus Christ, satanic agents want to remove the name of Christ. Many are trying to project the reason behind all the modern developments as the result of mortal man himself. Purposefully they do every tactics to hide the contributions of Christians, especially the missionaries.

     Not many have taken the effort to make a study on the impact of the gospel of Christ in shaping the modern world. Dr. Babu Varghese Mumbai has done a great job in chronicling the contributions of the Christian missionaries in developing modern India. It’s a great work and Indian Christians will ever be grateful to him such a work.

     According to him, historians cannot deny the contributions of Christians in the area of literature, philanthropy, medical service and other charitable services.  Even if their number is very less, followers of Jesus Christ have contributed much for the development of their nation. Most of the blind / evil practices of many primitive communities were stopped as a result of the gospel message.  

     Africa, once known as the ‘dark continent’ got light through the teachings of Jesus Christ. It was the Sermon on the Mount delivered by the Lord Jesus Christ that influenced Mr. M.K. Gandhi so much, that made him the ‘Mahatma’ of India.

Misquoting    & wrong attribution
Definitely, during the last 2000 plus years the teachings of Christ have been passed through the lips and pens of various people. Millions read and practice those principles, but how can we forget the one who taught such a message of love and peace for the first time.

     Take for example, it was the Lord Jesus Chrsit who said, “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’  But I tell you, don’t resist him who is evil; but whoever strikes you on your right cheek, turn to him the other also.” Matthew 5: 38, 39.  Now, imagine someone practiced it and the society benefited immensely due to the non-violent response to aggression. However the world remembers the one who practiced and refuse to acknowledge the one who taught and practiced this wonderful principle for the first time. What an irony!
     Even the learned men of the contemporary world attribute credit for Christ’s own sayings to some others who lived recently.  They do not know that these great men were just quoting or adopting the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.  In case someone knows, they do not want to acknowledge the truth, being prompted by the evil one as mentioned earlier.

Re-focus our ministry – preach the gospel
That’s why it is high time, Christian believers, missionaries, teachers, preachers and individual believers; all of us need to make sure that we really propagate the teachings of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ. Let the world know really and truly who Christ our Lord is. With all zeal and determination, using every means and media let us proclaim the name of Our Lord and His teachings. If we do not do, who will do it? If we do not say the truth, the enemy will preach falsehood.

     Especially those who are in the Christian ministry must introspect and examine where have we failed? Are we the reason why many are ignorant of the gospel even today? Many years have gone by; we have been doing many other things in the name of Jesus Christ.

 If you are teaching as a service to Christ, let the students know it, if you’re treating patients being inspired by the love of Jesus Christ, let the patients know of it. In case the law of the land prohibits, you have limited option yet we need to prayerfully consider how best we can do it within the freedom we have.  If not it’s a disservice to the Lord Jesus Christ. 
     Any social service may not be bad, but remember, how many got a basic understanding of the person of Christ and His teachings through our efforts. The word of God teaches that the need of man is not just food, shelter and security; he needs forgiveness and peace. There is only way, one message of peace and forgiveness – the gospel of Jesus Christ.

     Our apathy to the fundamental Christian duty made the Lord Jesus Christ unknown to the present world. The enemy is using such ignorance to his own advantage. When we keep silent, enemy is barking. When we do not share the truth, the enemy is propagating the false. Oh, what a great responsibility we have if at all we love and follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

Need of the hour
Beloved Christian believer, let us take it as a challenge, preach the gospel. Make known the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.  More than any other period in history, today the messages of Christ are so valid, meaningful and relevant. The wonderful reality about Christ is, not only He taught heavenly truths; He lived it in practical life. Finally He gave His own life for us to atone for our sin and rose again from the dead triumphantly, all proving the truthfulness of the words of Jesus Christ.

Christ in us
Above all, a born again Christian enjoys something the world does not understand.  We have the divine nature, the very life of Christ within us that enables us to lead a triumphant Christian life. 2Peter 1:4.  This is something an unbeliever will not comprehend or experience. Praise be to God, as apostle John says, “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world”  1John 4:4. We have a special security cover by the angelic beings. Hebrews 1: 14. In fact, that’s the only reason for our safety. Let us be strong and courageous realizing this blessed privilege of a believer.  

     We do not need to hesitate to communicate the gospel. It is powerful, appropriate and the need of the time. Listeners will be blessed, encouraged, and enlightened. In most cases of opposition, the root cause is their ignorance or prejudice.

Fear of freedom!
Few even after knowing, they do not want their people to be blessed by the gospel. For they know the truth of the message of Christ will liberate them from all kinds of ignorance, evil and darkness. Then, these ‘local chiefs’ will not be able to subdue and use them for their own purposes. So, they oppose the gospel, to keep their followers / common men to be in the dark. 

     It is our responsibility to make every effort to help our fellow-citizens understand what the Lord Jesus taught and did for us.  It is up to them to receive or reject the truth. Cf. Ezekiel 3:18, 19; Luke 10: 10, 11. But at least once we ought to tell them who Christ is.  The time is far spent; let us finish our duty before too late.


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March 15, 2016


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