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'Thought for this week' is a reflection on Bible verses in relation to our present practical life.
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Godly Sorrow

“For Godly sorrow produces repentance leading to salvation, not to be regretted; but the sorrow of the world produces death.” 2Corinthians.7:10.


Summery: - Sorrow in God's will is beneficial for it leads to restoration and life. Our response to God's word confirms our true nature as well as our destiny.

Sadness is not bad, if it is in accordance with God's will. When the word of God convicts us of our failure, sin etc, how do we respond? That proves who we are and where we are heading!

Often man feels sorry for his mistakes, only because he is caught. He is sorrowful being aware of the consequences of his evil deeds. He is worried about his name before others. But he has no pain for that particular action. Such reaction is not godly sorrow. Just like the regret of Judas after betraying Christ, it can only lead to death.

Where as godly sorrow leads to life. It is to stand with God and feel sorry for that particular wrong action or situation. Such sorrow is followed by hatred for the evil and a change of heart to follow the divine path. There is a new decision and new life. They will feel refreshed and revitalized. They have sorrow, but no rebellion; they have grief but no grudge against the others. Their heart is broken down or softened but not hardened.

God will not allow such humble believers to go through pain for long; He will graciously restore them and strengthen them to move forward to a higher level of spiritual life.

How do you respond to God's word? How do you take the exhortation of God's servants? Is it with bitterness or godly sorrow? Always it's your response to God's word that decides your destiny!

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Prepared by Nelson Thomas as part of his teaching ministry.
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