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By V. T. Mathai, Kottayam

‘NOW YOU CAN BE SAVED’ is a booklet published by Blissdale Publication in May 1994. The author has completed his ministry and resting with the Lord today. I had the privilege to learn the word of God under him at ‘Bethany Bible School’ Kumbanad in 1983. His classes on Christolgoy were excellent.

I have distributed this booklet as part of my evangelistic efforts. Each time I pick it up, I felt the need of making it available online as it contains a very urgent message. The author is actually focusing on the nominal Christians who are not far from the gate of salvation yet fail to enter due to ignorance or prejudice. No one can deny the fact that, it’s with much sincerity and devotion they follow the rituals of their denomination, yet do not understand what the Bible says about salvation. The author very clearly yet briefly explains how to be sure of salvation today, based on the word of God, the Bible. NTK

It’s most unfortunate that a large number of people in the Christian community have yet to experience the joy and assurance of the salvation of their souls. They are the people who read the Bible and even attend a church regularly. Sadly, think, in this life, at the most one can only attempt and not attain salvation NOW.
    It’s true that man is a sinner and he deserves punishment from God. But it’s also true that God in His mercy, through the sacrificial death of His Son Jesus Christ, has provided the way of salvation to mankind. And it is attainable right NOW – while you are alive today. God offers this salvation as a free gift to all who confess their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.
    If you are not accepting this offer of salvation today, it will be too late, and you will never be able to achieve it later. For, you may die today.
This booklet explains, how you can attain salvation NOW, based on the Holy Bible. Kindly read this very carefully and most diligently at least twice. May the God of love save you from eternal hell. May you experience and enjoy the salvation of God NOW, by inviting Christ in to your life.

Now You Can Be Saved
TOMORROW - This is a word that we are so familiar with. Yet, very often, we miss the true significance of it. For example the word ‘Tomorrow’ may never occur I n your life. Or, tomorrow could only be a time of anxiety and uncertainty. Therefore, it’s most important to think of NOW, as you are alive today. Especially, it is so vital with regard to the salvation of your precious soul.
    Unfortunately, many in Christendom today, have a wrong conception about salvation. Such people believe salvation is something which is a matter for the future. They are not sure they can be saved NOW or not. At the most, they would say; “I may or will be saved tomorrow”. However, they forget the fact that such a tomorrow may never even arrive in their life.
    It’s so sad that such a large number of the so called Christians today are only longing for their soul’s salvation in a future time, instead of tasting and enjoying such a blessed experience right NOW.

Salvation is a unique and important fact explained clearly in the pages of the New Testament. For example, there would be nothing left as such in the New Testament books, if we remove the portions which deal with our Saviour Lord Jesus, the way of salvation and how to experience and enjoy this salvation personally.
    It’s very painful and unfortunate to learn that in the Christian world even today there are many teachings and practices which are contrary to the teachings of the Bible regarding salvation of sinners.
Look at what Apostles Paul and John had stated in the New Testament:
1. Romans3:21But NOW a righteousness from God apart from law, has been made known, to which the law and the prophets testify”. (Paul)
2. Romans 5:11 “Not only is this so, but we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have NOW received reconciliation”. (Paul)
3. Romans 8:1Therefore, there is NOW no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus”. (Paul)
4. 2Corinthians 6:2 “NOW is the time of God’s favour, now is the day of salvation”.
5. 1John 3:1, 2How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the Sons of God. Dear friends, Now we are children of God”. (John)
There are several questions raised I n this regard:
 What God had done for the salvation of man?
 What man (human being) needs to do in order to attain the salvation of his soul?
 Is it not possible for man to attain salvation during his life in this world itself?
 Is it not possible for man to enjoy this salvation fully and face death with the great hope that he will be in heaven with Christ, when he dies.
The above questions play a vital role in the human life. Therefore it is inevitable to find true answers for them from the Holy Bible itself.
Thus, the intention of this booklet is to find out whether we can truly experience salvation NOW in this life or not.

Unfortunately, the Christian community has to be divided in to: a) True Christians and b) Nominal Christians. Whether you like it or not, it’s a reality to be accepted. There are many who consider themselves as Christians but in reality they don’t have a personal relationship with Christ, nor are they assured of the salvation of the souls. Therefore, this booklet is addressed to the nominal Christians. We want to assure them that it is possible to establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ right NOW and they can start enjoying the salvation of their soul TODAY itself.
    The word NOW that we quoted from the Bible, demands more attention and careful analysis. Further, apart from using it directly, there are many references in the Bible that proves that salvation is attainable today or right Now. For example the book of Romans clearly points to the following facts:
 The righteousness of God is manifested to those who believe in Christ Jesus.
 Those who receive Christ in to their heart are reconciled to God.
 There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.
Further, the epistle to Corinthians proclaims that TODAY or NOW is the day of salvation.
    The sacrifice of our Lord Jesus is the cornerstone of the salvation and justification of a sinner. In the death and resurrection of Christ, God has accomplished everything that is required for the salvation of man. For, Christ died for the sins of mankind and rose again for the justification of the sinners. God declared a sinner justified without breaking His law of righteousness. Justification means counting and declaring a sinner righteous, by the grace of God.
    Justification is possible and attainable when a sinner finds his refuge in Jesus Christ. This is the most important achievement of Christ when He died on the cross of Calvary, 2000 years ago. God asks every sinner to confess his or her sin by accepting and agreeing this vital truth of the Gospel. Hence it is God’s rule that every sinner has to establish a very personal, living and true relationship with Jesus Christ. When this is done by an individual, he definitely becomes a saved person, and a recipient of the grace of God. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses you from all your sins, says the Bible. Over and above, God accepts a sinner as God’s child and would pour out on him God’s Spirit.

Listen to what Apostle John says in 1John 3:1, “Behold, Dearly beloved, we are NOW called the children (sons) of God….” The Apostle John undoubtedly proclaims, we are NOW children (sons) of God and not, we will be children (sons) of God. Here too, the usage NOW has great importance.
    It is by spiritual birth and not by physical birth (first birth), a man attains salvation; Not by infant baptism but by repentance and confession; Not after our death but NOW when we are alive; Not by our good works but by belief; Not as a reward for doing good deeds but as a free gift. Therefore, it is specifically mentioned in the Bible that you can attain salvation NOW and not tomorrow or in a future time.
    The foundation of salvation is based not on your qualification or on the quality of your belief, but on the person whom you believe. Salvation is meant for a sinner. Is there any goodness in a sinner? Has a sinner’s belief got any specialty? No. Not at all.
    For example, consider this: there was a newly constructed bridge ready for opening. One day, the engineer who built that bridge and another ordinary man who doesn’t know anything about bridge construction walked together through the bridge. And both reached the other side safe. How did both reach the other end? Is it because of their ability or knowledge? Never! They could cross over because of the quality of the bridge. It makes no difference whether you know or don’t know anything about bridge construction to cross a bridge.
    Likewise, your salvation does not depend on your goodness or on the standard of your belief. Sinners are saved purely on the basis of what God had accomplished on the Cross of Calvary.
    If even an iota of the so called goodness of man or the quality of his belief had anything to do with the salvation offered by God, it would have questioned the very uniqueness of the Holy God.

The vital New Testament truth is that once a sinner accepts the abundant flow of God’s grace in his life, he immediately becomes a partaker of God’s salvation. And this is the essence of the New Testament. Let us explains this further.

 Salvation belongs to God only. And He has prepared it for sinners. The sinners need only to accept and enjoy that freedom which is acquired through faith. Look at what the aged Simon told, taking the infant Jesus in his arms: “I have seen the Salvation that you have prepared” (Luke 2). Further, in the Ephesian epistle, Apostle Paul says of Salvation as the ‘gift of God’. Thus the salvation of the soul is a free gift of God to man.
 In the parable on salvation, the Lord said: “come, all things are now ready”. The soul’s salvation in fact, is a royal and heavenly feast. It is God who had spent everything to host it and is again God Himself who is inviting you “Come and dine”. He is such a loving God that He desires all should accept this unique invitation and receive the joy of forgiveness with gladness. Otherwise if you neglect such a great salvation, the consequence would be terrible – you will be punished into eternal hell.
 The helpless sinner should never neglect this offer but rather decide to enjoy this heavenly peace, freedom and happiness that is available in Jesus Christ, right NOW.
    Apostle Peter in his epistle (1Peter 1:9) says about those who attain salvation that “they will rejoice with unspeakable joy and full of glory”. What is the reason for such a joy?
- The sovereign and supreme court of heaven has declared that he is justified.
- He becomes a child of God, having a living relationship with the heavenly father.
What can a sinner do but rejoice in this wonderful salvation! For, his sins are thrown into the depths of the sea, never to come back again.
 As East is far from the West, so his sins have departed from him.
 God had forgotten his sins forever.
 God is accepting every sinner into His bosom through His beloved Son Jesus Christ.

A saved sinner always rejoices in the Lord and with the Lord. This is the vital difference between a true Christian and a nominal or pseudo Christian. A true Christian always rejoices. But a nominal Christian has no lasting joy. A true Christian tastes in his daily life how good His Lord is. But a nominal Christian does not know how to walk with the Lord daily.
    How can a man walk without legs? How can he hear without ears or sing without tongue? Likewise, it is impossible for an un-forgiven sinner to rejoice in the salvation of God. A sinner always is under the fear of eternal death and hell. Then, how can he sing songs of joy? How can you call God your Father, unless you become His child? How can you expect to be in heaven without receiving Christ in to your life? How can your soul be assured of eternal salvation, without you confessing your sins?
     Thus it’s so true that you can experience and enjoy the salvation of your soul right NOW. Otherwise, a tomorrow that you envisage may never become a reality in your life. You may die today. Never procrastinate this most vital decision to confess your sins and invite Jesus Christ in to your heart. Today is the day of salvation. Tomorrow is too late.
    Seek the Lord while you find Him. Put your trust in Jesus Christ. Decide today to partake of this great salvation offered by God who is your creator, redeemer and sustainer.
The Lord Jesus said: “I shall never leave you nor forsake”. Take courage in this mighty promise.

- V. T. Mathai


It’s most unfortunate that a large number of people in the Christian community have yet to experience the joy and assurance of salvation of their souls. They are the people who read the Bible and even attend a church regularly. Sadly, they think, in this life, at the most one can only attempt and not attain salvation NOW. This booklet explains, how you can attain salvation NOW, based on the Holy Bible.

© Blissdale Publication, May 1994
Note: The author, V. T. Mathai, who served the Lord as an evangelist and Bible teacher for 52 years, went to his heavenly abode on February 19, 1993. His greatest desire was that people would turn to the living Lord, Jesus Christ. If this booklet has helped you or if you want to know more about the salvation of your soul, please write to: Box No. 3303, M. S. Nagar, Bangalore – 560033, India. (Or you can write to: gracepeaceu@gmail.com)

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