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Plain Truths of Perpetual Value: - 10:

Ten things about confession

By Nelson Thomas Mumbai

Introduction: Whether a sinner or saved believer, while confessing their sins needs to understand few biblical truths related to confession. For a sinner confession is to get saved. For a born again child of God confession is needed to mend or strengthen fellowship.
As noted already, a sinner’s confession may be different from a believer’s confession as far as the content is concerned. The following are some principles both should bear in mind.

1. It is an indispensable experience of a Christian.

    • For salvation. (Forgiveness-cleansing.) Romans.10:9 cf. Rich young ruler (Luk18:23) and the Pharisee (Luke. 18:13) could not be saved only because they were reluctant to confess. You cannot simply laugh and be saved. With regret, sorrow and even tears one should confess sins.

    • For reconciliation. 1John.1:9 to be restored- to mend the broken fellowship.

    • For inner peace: - Psalm. 32:3—5;   66:18; Pro.28:13. Merely knowing the truth, even of our own failure is not sufficient. We need to clearly and specifically confess before we can be forgiven and cleansed.

    • For answers to prayers- Ps.66:18.

    • For revival among God’s people. God sends spiritual awaking among the people of God in answer to confession and prayers. Cf. 2Chro. 7:14; Ezra.9:6, 7; Nehemiah. 14::11; Dani.9:4—9. So, confession is very essential—individually as well as collectively-

2. It should be a regular practice of a Christian. Cf. Psa.139:23, 24, ‘search me, try me’ - not for salvation again - already saved for eternity (Eph.1:7). May not be even for reconciliation - as we think. Illus: - There could be an unpleasant talk or even a clash in the family that does not mean, need a fresh marriage vow!

   Moment by moment / morning and evening we ought to feel a sense of unworthiness - of course not a negative feeling or inferiority complex  – yet acknowledging the utter unworthiness before the Lord as the bible says.  

3. Confession should be made for each sin in detail. 1Jn1: 9. ‘Sins’ - not just a vague, all-inclusive confession!

4. It should be balanced with sorrow and hatred. . Not just for name’s sake. Cf. Confession of Balaam- yet, whispered in the ears of Baalak, how to destroy the people of Israel! Numb   23:8 etc; 31:16.

  • Confession of Achan - only after caught. Josh.7:20; cf. 1Samuel.15:24 – Saul’s confession also was not right.

  • Confession of Judas. Matt.27:4 – brought no use for him!

  • Confession of the prodigal son. Luk.15:18, 21 - with pain & sorrow. Cf. Pro.28:13-forsake.

5. Confession should be sincere and serious.knowing its seriousness-effect. Ps.51:4 etc.

6. Confession is valid only with recompense. Retribution - pay a penalty - not simply forgiven! Cf. Lev.5:5, 6; 16:21 - along with confession, sacrifice should made. But praise God, for us God has already made the provision - paid the price. Cf 1Jn 2:2. We should acknowledge that. Only on the basis of Christ’s atoning sacrifice we can confess and receive forgiveness. 1Jn.1:7c

7. Retribution to man also may be necessary for confession. Cf. Num.5:6, 7. Return 1/5th more – pay back to whom we offended. Cp. Matt. 5:23, 24; Jam.5:16. Illus: After having a fight with a brother - confessing to God is not enough!

8. If not today - one day it will be revealed. Luk.12:2. Already He knows - so it is wise to tell Him today itself.  
 God called Israel to come and confess. They were not willing. Cf. Isa.1:18; Jer.3:12, 13. Is there any un-confessed sins? The Lord is ready to forgive and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. He has done everything necessary for that - judicially. So confess immediately — do not wait.

9.Once confessed, forget it. cf. Zech.3:1ff. Satan might accuse, remind our failures - past mistakes. Luk.22:31. Once confessed and found cleansing, do not worry about the same.

10. True confession leads to many blessings in individual as well assembly life. Luke 15:21ff; Romans 10:9; 1Peter 5:6
The result of such confession: -
                   a. Salvation. Romans 10:9. No more condemnation. Cf. Romans 8:1
b. Forgiveness.1Jn 1:9 – no punishment. Proverbs.28:13
c. Cleansing. 1John 1: 7. Not only pardon – erases the writing. Col. 2:24. – Shop keeper forgives a debtor yet the record could be there! If he removes the page - or erase the writing – clean as if he never had been a debtor! This truth is also called justification!
On what basis
 a. His faithfulness. 1Joh n 1: 9. ‘Faithful’ – promised to forgive
 b. His justice. ‘Just’    -- By the atoning sacrifice of Christ on the cross, judicially fulfilled the demands of divine justice. Cf. Exo.334:7;   Rom3:25.  God does not simply closing His eyes at our sins. Legally forgives and cleanses. So He can forgive us and declare us innocent even as upholding His righteousness!

Dear reader, we have just explained ‘confession’ very briefly according to the Bible. Please go through the Bible references and links given in this page for more clarity.  

(Taken from the author’s study on salvation chapter 7 – ‘means of salvation’)


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