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Plain Truths of Perpetual Value: - 9

Eleven Things about Salvation according to the Bible

By Nelson Thomas Mumbai

Introduction: -
    As in the case of many other biblical terms ‘salvation’ also is a confused concept for many. People understand salvation in various ways. For some baptism is salvation, others physical and mental well-being is salvation. Somebody else might consider an answer to their prayers as salvation.
    A clear understanding of salvation as revealed in the pages of the Holy Bible not only helps us to be assured  of  our salvation as God intended, but also save ourselves from false confidence. What a deception it would be to hear one day, “depart…I never knew you”! Matthew 7: 23. Let us see few important things about salvation very briefly. 

  1. Salvation according to the words used by the original words mean many things:
    • ‘yesa’ or ‘yesuah’ (Heb) = ‘to save’, ‘to keep safe and sound’ or ‘to rescue from danger or destruction’, ‘bring in to a special environment’. (Gen 28:21; Gen 44:17; Psalm 3:2; 18:36; 66:12)
    • ‘soteria’ (Greek) = ‘To restore to health’, ‘to make whole’ and ‘deliverance’.
    • ‘sozein’ (Greek) = ‘to save’.    (Jude v.25; Acts 7:25; 27:20, 34)
  1. Both the Old Testament and the Testament reveals the God’s work of salvation for mankind. Began with humanity as a whole but later more focused to the nation of Israel, with the aim to use them as a channel for extending God’s salvation to the whole world.
  1. As in any other revelation of divine truths, God revealed various facts about salvation progressively. God saved people from danger, difficulties, and diseases but later He taught them that the most important need of man is salvation from their sins. . Exodus. 14:15; Judges. 3:9, 15; Isaiah 59:1; 61:10; 63:1; Jeremiah 17:14; Hosea 1:7.
  1. God always saved people in His grace and mercy. And He wanted the saved ones to be faithful and obedient to Him. 1Chro 16:23; Isa 43:11, 12; 49:6, 7; Zech 8:13.
  1. In the New Testament though salvation refers to many ideas as mentioned above the emphasis is on spiritual salvation. Matt 9:16ff; Mark 10:17ff; Luke 18:18ff. 1Peter 2:24, 25.
  1. The purpose of Christ’s coming was to save man from their sins.
    • Angel spoke of it in connection with His incarnation. Matthew 1:21
    • Angels announce it at His birth. Luke 2:11
    • Godly man, Simon states it in His prayer, holding the baby Jesus. Luke 2:31
    • He claims it as the purpose of His ministry. Luke 19:10; Matthew 20:28
    • He proved His claim by saving people during His public ministry. Cf. Matthew 27:42
    • Finally He died to as a sacrifice to make salvation of our souls possible. Luke 22:19; John 19:30; 1Corin 15:3
    • The resurrection of Christ confirms His power and authority to save man. Romans 4:25; 1Cori 15:17; 1Peter 1:21
  1. Though the Lord Jesus Christ saved people from their sickness and various other miseries in life, even death, He too taught that the most important aspect of salvation is spiritual, that is salvation from sins. Cf.   Matthew 11:8, 9; Luke 5:17, 21.
  1. Salvation was the main theme of the preaching of the early church. Acts 2:39; 4:12; 16:17, 30. The most important need of man who lives in sin is to be saved from the eternal judgment.
  1. Salvation was the main topic of apostolic teaching.  Rom 1:16; Heb 2:3, 10; 7:25; 1Peter 1:10 etc.
  1. The way of salvation provided through Christ is unique and there is no other way to be saved. Act 4:12; 1Tim 1:15.
  2. Salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ results in total transformation of life.  Luke 19: 9 cf. Acts 16: 30 – 32; 1Coirinthians 6: 9 – 11. Not only the personal life, the family as well as the society will benefit from the change in life! Cf. Luke 19:8
Dear reader, we have just attempted to give summarized points only on this vital topic of our salvation (Mukti or Moksha). Please go through the Bible references given above and click on the links to study more about this topic.


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